5 Answers – Part 2

Karen (in Canada):

  1. Which do you prefer? Tea or coffee?
  2. Tea, most definitely. Coffee smells good, but tastes bad to me (don’t faint, Christine!).

  3. Where would you most like to live?
  4. Actually, I am happy where I am. Except for the past year or two, the temperatures are within a good range for me, we see all four seasons and we’re somewhat close to a good number of family members. If global warming keeps going at this rate, though, we might have to move a little further north. I do wish that our house was a little more isolated. I like my peace and quiet and wouldn’t mind having more than our measly 1+ acre to insulate us from neighbors.

  5. Who taught you to cross stitch?
  6. My mother.

  7. Which do you prefer? Cats or dogs?
  8. Dogs, because I’m not nearly as allergic to them. But I had cats all through my childhood and love them immensely, as long as they are friendly (not like Terry’s Dad’s cats who will scratch your eyes out).

  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, how organized are you?
  10. Hmmmm… I personally think that I’m pretty organized, so I would put myself at an 8 or 9. You wouldn’t tell from looking at my cluttered house, though.


  1. How many languages you speak fluently?
  2. Unfortunately, just English. Even after 8 years of French classes, I would never have claimed to be fluent.

  3. What you wanted, as a kid, to be when you grow up?
  4. Have I ever mentioned that I don’t have a lot of distinct memories from my childhood? This would fall under that category, but I do remember that I REALLY wanted to be a prima ballerina for quite some time, until I grew too tall. Other desired professions included being a writer and a professional flutist, both of which were based on my mother. Funny how I never really wanted to become a police officer like my father…

  5. Your first kiss? When and with whom?
  6. I really had to think about this and I’m still not sure, but I think it was the senior that I dated when I was a sophomore in high school. Or it could have been my good friend’s brother, over whom two of us fought. 😆 The only thing I really remember was being mauled by a kid who lived a few houses away and was in my kindergarten class. He slobbered all over my cheek and it was kinda gross. 😉

  7. Is there any finishing method you dislike?
  8. I am good with anything that I can hand-sew, which is probably why I like biscornus so much. Anything method that requires a sewing machine, though, drives me nuts because I am not very adept with my sewing machine and end up making it do all sorts of terrible things that it shouldn’t normally do. Sewing a straight line is a definite challenge for me. I do muddle through, though.

  9. How old you were when you began to stitch?
  10. I’m not sure of the actual date, but it was somewhere between 11 and 12. I lean towards 11.

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3 Responses to 5 Answers – Part 2

  1. Isabelle says:

    Oops! Sorry Jenna. I hadn’t seen Outi had already asked about what you wanted to be when you grew up.
    I would have given the exactly opposite answer to question 4 – but the very same to question 5 🙂

  2. Outi says:

    Jenna, I think Christine will still like you even you don’t like coffee – I do (like you)! 😉

    I so wish I could still drink tea… 😐

  3. Christine D says:

    It is a good thing I like you, Jenna, because I am pretty sure I just had a heart attack.

    Of course, I can make up for it by drinking your share. 😉

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