Stitch From Stash

This is a challenge to stitch from your stash. New stash purchases are allowed within your monthly budget. Your monthly budget must be determined by you by December 31, 2017 and must be between $0-$25. Budget carries over month to month. Finishes will earn you extra credit on your budget.

Budget for 2020: $10/month

January Spending: $0
January Finish Credit: $0
January Balance: $0

February Spending:
February Finish Credit:
February Balance: $0

March Spending:
March Finish Credit:
March Balance: $0

April Spending:
April Finish Credit:
April Balance: $0

May Spending:
May Finish Credit:
May Balance: $0

June Spending:
June Finish Credit:
June Balance: $0

Mid-Year Status:

July Spending:
July Finish Credit:
July Balance: $0

August Spending:
August Finish Credit:
August Balance: $0

September Spending:
September Finish Credit:
September Balance: $0

October Spending:
October Finish Credit:
October Balance: $0

November Spending:
November Finish Credit:
November Balance: 10

December Spending:
December Finish Credit:
December Balance: $0

End of Year Status: