2023 Stitching Finishes

  1. Gingerbread Peace Mouse and tin from the Mouse on a tin series by Just Nan – January 8th
  2. Candy Corn Ghost Mouse by Just Nan – January 7th
  3. Crystal Snowlady Mouse by Just Nan – January 14th
  4. Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse by Just Nan – January 15th
  5. Freezia Mouse from the Winter Mouse Scissor Roll by Just Nan – January 17th
  6. Grow pincushion from the Over the Top Tin series by Just Nan – January 28th
  7. Honey Bunny by Just Nan – January 29th
  8. Blitzen Glistens by Just Nan – February 3rd
  9. Sunflower Scissor Case (including scissor fob) by Durene Jones – February 12th
  10. Artist Chick from Valerie Pfeiffer’s Chickadees series – February 17th
  11. The Courtyard of Alhambra by Periphaeria Designs – February 18th
  12. Tribe #1 by Periphaeria Designs – February 22nd
  13. Ring of Roses #1 by Periphaeria Designs – February 25th
  14. R is for Reading by Leisure Arts – March 25th
  15. Crystal Creation from the Daydreams collection by Dimensions – April 30th