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  1. Tammy Sidebottom says:

    Hello Jenna,

    Great stash! And nice work on your completed pieces; your stitching looks very neat! I have been looking everywhere for Lorri Birmingham’s Pansy Scissors Fob and I enviously see that you have it in your stash! I was wondering if you still have it, if you have stitched it, or if you can bear to part with it? If you stitched it, how was it? That raised pansy has me bewitched and I am wondering how hard it is to do, and if I could handle it, hehe. If you could bear to part with it, I am letting you know that I am an interested customer 😉 I know, I know, I have more stuff than I could ever stitch in my lifetime, but it sure is fun holding on to a little piece of heaven 😀


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