No More School Posts (Legacy)

I made the decision to pull down all of the artwork that I did back in 2008 as part of my classes at the Art Institute Online. I was told some time ago that subsequent students were downloading my photos and submitting them as their own. I added watermarks to all of the photos upon learning that, but have now decided that the work is old enough that I am going to hide everything from the public. That includes the posts on here that I had under the School category. That way I will still have my scans (of course I still have the originals) with my notes, should I want to reference them. I had to delete them completely out of my photo album because hiding it in Gallery allows them to still be accessible via direct link, so anyone who found them via Google would still be able to access them.

It’s a little strange to be deleting what was a significant effort in my life, but my hope is that future artistic endeavors are yet to come, so I just get to clear the slate and start again. 🙂 Some time in the near future, I will take photos of the couple of drawings I’ve done a little more recently, so this blog won’t be completely devoid of traditional forms of art.

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