2015 Stitching Goals – Update #2

New progress since I last posted:

My Purin design is finally complete, as of last night. I didn’t stitch for a while, so I didn’t knock it out until I sat down and really concentrated on it for two days. I have interrupted any further WIP progress to crank out an impromptu piece – The Sweetheart Tree – Teenie Graduation Announcement. Unfortunately, the stitching hasn’t gone smoothly today. Lots of ripping and restitching, but I hope that I’m back on track now. It’s a small piece, but as with all of hers, the fractional stitches are numerous and intense. Once that is finished, I will turn to Joan Elliott’s Water Wonderland. It’s a Christmas gift for my mother and since we will be back for a cousin’s wedding, I’m tempted to try to get it done and framed by then, which means it will have to be completed by the end of September, roughly. Throw in our annual trip to Walt Disney World in late September and that deadline backs up to mid-September. That’s 5 1/2 months, though. I hope I can manage that with all I have going on (fodder for another, personal post).

On Bluebell and Heirloom Memories, they have arrived at Jill’s studio. I have heard nothing further, but knowing their backlog, I gave Amber free rein to take their time, as needed.

I confess that I’m dying to either kit up Nora Corbett’s Waterlily (which just needs floss pulled to complete kitting) and get it on a scroll frame or to pull another WIP from the pile and work on it, but I must be disciplined right now.


Nora Corbett – Bluebell Pixie — Complete stitching
** Stitching completed on January 6, 2015 **

Nora Corbett – Bluebell Pixie — Send to Jill Rensel for framing
** At Jill’s studio **

The Victoria Sampler – Heirloom Memories Sampler — Complete stitching
** Stitching completed on January 23, 2015 **

The Victoria Sampler – Heirloom Memories Sampler — Send to Jill Rensel for framing
** At Jill’s studio **

Joan Elliott – Water Wonderland — Complete stitching
Joan Elliott – Water Wonderland — Frame by end of October(?)

Jenna Magee – Purin — Make significant progress on, if not complete, stitching
** Stitching completed on April 25, 2015 **

Passione Ricamo – Mystery SAL 2013 — Make significant progress on stitching
** In progress **

Lizzie-Kate – Dog Lessons for People — Make significant progress on stitching

Nordic Needle – Flower Garden — Complete stitching

Teresa Wentzler – Sun Dragon (Turquoise) — Rip and restitch necessary sections; complete stitching
** Ripped *
Teresa Wentzler – Sun Dragon (Turquoise) — Send to Jill Rensel, along with his purple brother, for framing (provided I can afford it)

Mirabilia – Fairy Moon — Make progress on stitching

Complete stitching on at least 2 Just Nan designs in my stash. This includes new starts as needed to work through my Just Nan stash.
– Grow pincushion?
– Minerva Mouse?
– Lorelei Lamb?

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