OSL – Products and Poll

Hey everyone! I finally made thumbnails of all of the latest Crescent Colours Belle Soie silks and entered them and the latest Dinky Dyes silks into the storefront. You can see them all on the front page!

Also, while you are there, please scroll down to the bottom of the left sidebar and cast your vote in my poll.

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IT professional, needleworker, editor/proofreader, author, singer, musician.
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2 Responses to OSL – Products and Poll

  1. Outi says:

    Yummy! Is Blue Lagoon’s price right? Compared to others it’s a bit, eh, low. 😛

    And I have done my duty and cast my vote. 8)

  2. Isabelle says:

    Gorgeous, Jenna! I was wondering the exact same thing as Outi 😉

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