Meme of Twos

I was tagged by Angela in one of those random, if you read this, you are tagged, tags and I feel meme-y, so here goes:

Two …

… names you go by: Jenna, Jennifer
… wearing right now: Olive twill pants with a camel-colored knit top
… you must have in a relationship: Respect, honesty
… favorite things to do: Stitch, read
… you want very badly: Time, money
… pets you had/have: have Phoebe, had a tabby cat named (wait for it) Tabby
… people who will fill this out: Outi, Barbara
… you did last night: model stitched, wrote out bill payments
… you ate yesterday: BBQ cheeseburger, tuna salad melts
… people you talked to last: Terry, a coworker
… things you’re doing today: downloading/printing/perusing manuals, designing Lotus Notes databases
… longest car rides you have taken: Pennsylvania to Iowa in an old Dodge Omni (compact car) with no air conditioning in the middle of summer, impending drive from Pennsylvania to Saint John, New Brunswick in July
… favorite holidays: Christmas, my birthday (isn’t that a holiday?)
… favorite beverages: Water, lemonade

If you feel like doing this meme, then have fun! 🙂

About Jenna Magee

IT professional, needleworker, editor/proofreader, author, singer, musician.
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2 Responses to Meme of Twos

  1. Outi says:

    Why everyone say that I will fill that up? 😯 (Ok, I actually did, in Tuesday.)

    I sense consensus on my memeholism… 😉

  2. Angela says:

    Mmm tuna melts.

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