Stitching Goals for 2017

My stitching mojo seems to have returned, even if it’s primarily small projects so far, so I figured I would set a handful of goals and see what happens. I’ve already managed to complete one!


Joan Elliott – Water Wonderland — Make significant progress on stitching

Lizzie-Kate – Dog Lessons for People — Make significant progress on stitching

Nordic Needle – Flower Garden — Complete stitching
** Stitching completed on May 1, 2017 **

Teresa Wentzler – Sun Dragon (Turquoise) — Restart and make significant progress on stitching

Nora Corbett – Leilani the Hula Dancer — New start in July; complete stitching

Complete stitching on at least 2 Just Nan designs in my stash. This includes new starts as needed to work through my Just Nan stash.
** One complete **

As many hardanger pieces as I feel like.
** No problems here! **

Knock out some other WIPs, if possible.
** Two complete (maybe three?) **

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