Assessing My Cross Stitch WIPs and UFOs

2015 is one of those years where I have decided to go through my WIPs and UFOs and whittle them down. You probably won’t remember but back in January 2011 I tackled my pile of pieces that were completed, but not finished into their final form (i.e. biscornu, scissors fob, etc.). I cleared a heck of a lot of pieces out in the span of one month:

Obviously, completing the stitching on pieces will take a lot longer than just finishing off these pieces did, but it’s still reassuring that I have challenged myself to a somewhat similar effort in the past and been successful.

So, I need to go rifling through my stack of WIPs/UFOs and pull out what to focus on. I’ve already started by going through my storage bins and separating out new project kits from WIP/UFO kits. I’ve also taken a quick glance at what I have outstanding. Of course, it’s always horrifying. And I did myself a favor and didn’t count this time (last time I had over 40 pieces and I’m pretty sure I’ve added a few since then). Today I looked through the photos in my Works in Progress photo album to see what’s still an active project (WIP), what’s been completed, what’s been shelved (UFO) and what’s been abandoned. I came up with the following list from that album (which is nowhere near complete):

  • Passione Ricamo – Xmas Star — UFO (last progress 9 Dec 2013)
  • Nora Corbett – Bluebell Pixie — COMPLETE
  • Passione Ricamo – Mystery SAL 2013 — WIP (last progress 7 Sep 2013)
  • Passione Ricamo – Fairy Mystery SAL 2012 — WIP (last progress 7 Jul 2014)
  • Just Nan – Gingerbread Mouse — COMPLETE
  • Northern Pine Designs – Geometric II — COMPLETE
  • Tor Rhuann Designs – Snowflake — WIP (last progress 30 Dec 2014)
  • Just Nan – Grow Pincushion — WIP (last progress 13 Apr 2013)
  • Mill Hill – Flower Basket Fantasy — COMPLETE
  • Teresa Wentzler – Sun Dragon (Turquoise) — WIP (last progress 9 Sept 2012)
  • Jenna Magee – Purin — WIP (last progress 7 Jul 2012)
  • Nancy Pederson – Grapevine Sampler — COMPLETE
  • Jeanette Crews Designs – Computer Wizard — UFO (last progress 4 Feb 2012)
  • Just Nan – Grow – Tin Topper — COMPLETE
  • Mill Hill – Spring Weathervanes – Floral Vase — WIP (last progress 3 Jan 2012)
  • Chatelaine Designs – Micro #1 — UFO (last progress 3 Jan 2012)
  • Lizzie*Kate – Dog Lessons For People — WIP (last progress 3 Jan 2012)
  • Chatelaine Designs – Tiny Rose Mandala Garden — COMPLETE
  • Nora Corbett – The Sunflower Fairy — COMPLETE
  • Ladybug Designs – Picasso’s Rooster — COMPLETE
  • March Bookmark — COMPLETE
  • Just Nan – Sparkling Iris — COMPLETE
  • Ink Circles – Celtic Swirls (Teal version) — COMPLETE
  • Lody Steward – Pagoda Pincushion — COMPLETE
  • Victoria Sampler – Heirloom Memories Sampler — WIP (last progress 31 May 2010)
  • Giraffe Pillow — COMPLETE
  • Flower Garden — WIP (last progress 25 Aug 2007)
  • Bonsai and Buddha — WIP (last progress 7 Jan 2007)
  • Mirabilia – Fairy Moon — WIP (last progress 31 Jan 2006)
  • M Designs – Peace Tree — UFO (last progress 29 Nov 2005)
  • Sweet Dreams Afghan — WIP (last progress 6 Nov 2005; I’m pretty sure I’ve done some work on it since)
  • French Mystery Garden — ABANDONED

Of the WIPs on this list, here is what I’ve decided to focus on, in order of priority:

  • Victoria Sampler – Heirloom Memories Sampler (I’ve been stalling because I’m intimidated by bullion roses; I just need to get past it because there’s not much left)
  • Tor Rhuann Designs – Snowflake (once I get the Kreinik for the border, this will be done in a day or two)
  • Jenna Magee – Purin (I’ll rotate this in and out)
  • Passione Ricamo – Mystery SAL 2013 (I’ll rotate this in and out)
  • Lizzie*Kate – Dog Lessons For People (I’ll rotate this in and out)
  • Flower Garden (because I think it’s closer to being finished than I realized)
  • Teresa Wentzler – Sun Dragon (Turquoise)
  • Mirabilia – Fairy Moon (I may or may not rotate this in and out, depending on how much she grabs me once I dive in; needs to be re-kitted)

There will be others added to both lists once I catalog the other WIPs/UFOs that didn’t make it into the photo gallery.

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2 Responses to Assessing My Cross Stitch WIPs and UFOs

  1. Anna says:

    I remember that whirlwind of finishing you did! Good luck with your stitching goals.

  2. Angi says:

    Braver woman than I!! I think I’d be afraid to do this 😉

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