A L-O-N-G Overdue Stitching Update

I managed to finish all of my Pay-It-Forward gifts and sent out the last two in February, before we left for vacation. One went to Nancy and the other went to Bonnie. I’m ashamed to have discovered that Nancy’s had been finished for a year before I actually send it. All it was waiting for was two f-bombs. So, basically, it took me a year to make up two f-bombs to include in her package. Shameful, shameful, tsk-tsk-tsk. Bonnie’s didn’t actually get finished until February, so I wasn’t behind in shipping it from that standpoint. Just behind in stitching it up. Probably because I stitched all 5 gifts over one. I must have been a glutton for punishment. I’m not horribly well-versed in stitching over one, so it was quite a crash course.

Anyway, here are the results:

The Sweetheart Tree – Teenie Tweenies – Wild Violets:

Just Nan – Floral Sunshine (finished as a biscornu pendant):

Then, I stitched up Lizzie*Kate’s Dance in the Rain, which was kindly sent to me by Michele:

I had to whip this one up before we left for California so that I could hand the chart over to Mel when I saw her. Yes, I finally got to meet Mel in person! YAY! We got along even better than I would have imagined. She’s just as lovely as you think and more, I assure you. 🙂

I’ve also stitched up another Christmas ornament from Tor Rhuann Designs. This one is from 2008, named Christmas Candles:

I’ve started on the 2009 ornament since then, but I have managed to remind myself that I actually had some stitching goals for this year and I need to get back on track if I want to accomplish them.

Since putting myself back on the straight and narrow after that ornament finish, I have completed two items on the list:
Lody Steward – Pagoda Pincushion — Complete stitching
Lody Steward – Pagoda Pincushion — Complete finishing

And here are the results:

This week, I’ve been making progress on these two goals:
Nora Corbett – Bluebell Pixie — Complete stitching
Mill Hill – Flower Basket Fantasy — Make significant progress on, if not complete, stitching

Here’s where Bluebell was the last time I posted progress in early January:

I didn’t pick her up again until more than 2 months later, but here’s where she is now:

And here’s where Flower Basket Fantasy was when I last touched it in January 2012:

As of today, it’s here:

I should definitely be able to finish this one with a few more weeks of work.

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7 Responses to A L-O-N-G Overdue Stitching Update

  1. Terri says:

    Your pagoda pincushion is beyond awesome!

  2. Jenn says:

    I agree with Terri – that pincushion is AWESOME. So cool!

  3. Anne R says:

    Me three – the pincushion is gorgeous! And I look forward to seeing more of Bluebell 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    That origami pincushion is groovy! Fab!

  5. Meari says:

    Very nice stitching! How awesome you got to meet another stitcher. Which one is you and which one is Mel?

    • jennamagee says:

      Meari, sorry about that. I guess I assumed that people knew what I look like, but I don’t exactly post a lot of photos of myself, do I? LOL. Anyway, I’m on the left and Mel is on the right.

  6. Ana says:

    Hi 🙂
    I’d love to stitch “dance in the rain”
    Can you please share the shart with me??
    Thanks a lot

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