Yet More Christmas Ornaments

I have been trying to crank out Christmas ornaments this week. I did two over the weekend and crawled through another one and finished a 4th one tonight. Unfortunately, I was able to finish all but a 5th reindeer because I ran out of reindeer brown, er I mean, DMC 801. So that last little reindeer is waiting for me to try to run somewhere tomorrow (I guess that’s actually later today) and pick up some more floss. Bummer. It doesn’t really matter, though, because as I sit and look at the huge pile of stitched ornaments I have that I wanted to finish-finish into their final ornament form and I consider what other things I need to get done before Christmas, it’s slowly starting to sink in that there is no way this is all going to happen. And since the ornaments were an afterthought, they will be the first things dropped off of the to do list. We’ll see what miracles I can accomplish, but it will probably take me 2 solid days, at least, to get through all of the finishing I have to do.

Enough about that, though. Bring on this week’s ornaments! All of these reindeer are freebies courtesy of the lovely Sharon Bennett, of Daffycat Designs. I just love this whole series of reindeer, if you couldn’t tell.

Mistletoe Reindeer

Ribbon Reindeer

Holly Reindeer. Yes, I’ve stitched one of these already, but I wanted to do them all on exactly the same fabric, so I stitched it again.

And the original Reindeer, named Jinglebell Reindeer. I added the border used in the others to this one.

The remaining reindeer is named Stocking Reindeer and simply needs a body to go with the head, stocking and border that I’ve already stitched. Blasted DMC 801!!!

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  1. Daffycat says:

    These look fantastic, Jenna! Excellent stitching!

    BTW, the original reindeer is called “Jinglebell” Reindeer.

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