PIF Gift #3 Received

My third PIF gift had to make its way down under to Australia, but it made it safely and in a timely manner. The recipient for this gift was Janie Hubble, the designer who was behind The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio and one of my favorite designers, so I felt a little bit of pressure to execute something really nice. I decided to stitch another design from The Sweetheart Tree’s Teenie Tweenies line, named Renaissance Romance, for this gift. I stitched it twice, in two of Janie’s favorite colors, pink and blue. As with the others, the finished piece measured approximately 1.5 inches, but this time I finished as a tiny biscornu pendant. Unfortunately, I didn’t think out the biscornu finish enough when I laid out the design, so I wasn’t able to get the initial in the center facing up on both sides. I would have had to stitch the one side differently to make it work. As a result, when I put the biscornu together, I just did the exact opposite of trying to get the back side lined up. Intentionally. 😆 Fortunately, I don’t think Janie minded.

Here it is as stitched:

And as finished:

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  1. Outi says:

    I bet she was thrilled, I had been! Pretty!

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