WIPocalypse Check-In — July 3, 2012

And the WIPocalypse continues! Here is my June update with my current WIPocalypse WIP list, including status updates:

    My current WIP pile:

  1. Northern Pine Designs – Geometric II
  2. Mill Hill – Spring Weathervanes – Floral Vase
  3. Jenna Magee – Purin – Progress has been made!
  4. Just Nan – Over the Top – Grow! (Tin Topper)
  5. Lody Steward – Pagoda Pincushion
  6. Chatelaine Designs – Micro #1
  7. Lizzie*Kate – Dog Lessons For People
  8. Nora Corbett – The Sunflower Fairy
  9. Older WIPs:

  10. The Victoria Sampler – Heirloom Memories Sampler
  11. Chatelaine Designs – Tiny Rose Mandala Garden
  12. Leisure Arts – Pooh Sweet Dreams Afghan
  13. UFOs:

  14. Dimensions – Bonsai and Buddha
  15. Roz Watnemo – Flower Garden
  16. Mirabilia – Fairy Moon
  17. Mill Hill Treasured Spring Sampler Kit – Flower Basket Fantasy
  18. Jeanette Crews Designs – Computer Wizard
  19. Giraffe Pillow

Yet another month with absolutely NO progress. Very little stitching has been accomplished this past month, but more than the previous month. I have now finished all but one PIF gift, so while I have not attended to any WIPs and have, in fact, created more WIPs, I have at least done some stitching. Oh wait, I actually put some stitches into Purin. I feel better now. 😉 So, I’ve gone from absolutely no progress to a very slight amount of progress. It’s better than nothing!

Next month will be another month. We’ll see if the August update brings any WIPocalypse progress.

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