PIF #3 Complete!

Yes, I did manage some crafting this weekend. I spent a good bit of my time on the couch, sleeping or reading or whatever. The weather was gorgeous but hot and I had no burning desire to leave the house. As a result, I was able to complete the stitching on PIF piece #3 and then do the finishing work on it, as well. I also nearly completed the first sundress, but chickened out when I got to the zipper. It pretty much just needs that and I have to make a final decision on the length and sew the bottom hem.

I gave in on Monday and went to the doctor after feeling extremely tired for several days and experiencing bouts of nausea, one of which had me wanting to curl up into a ball during a meeting. She gave me orders for a bunch of labwork and I had the blood drawn yesterday, but I don’t expect any significant results. I’ve been through this before and there was no underlying cause to be found, so I don’t think that this time will be any different. However, it never hurts to look, right? In the meantime, she gave me a tablet for the nausea and another medication which is an old, old, incredibly old school (Futurama reference, sorry) antihistamine that basically failed as an antihistamine, but has the wonderful side effect of stimulating appetite. I take 1/2 a tablet at night (it also has the side effect of tending to make people drowsy) and, so far, it seems to actually be working. The only time I’m skipping meals now is when I sleep through them.

As a result of feeling exhausted, I had to pass on what would have been my first belly dancing class on Monday. I was still wiped out on Tuesday, but I forced myself to go to my first voice lesson anyway. I was so nervous about singing in front of the woman that my voice shook through the entire song and I nearly burst into tears afterwards. My hands continued to shake for the rest of the lesson. Fortunately, she was very kind. She tested my range and was surprised that I already have a range of 2 octaves. She said that most people start with a range of 1 and hope to work their way up to 2, so at least I have a head start there. 😉

So, now my Tuesday nights are filled with voice lessons. My Monday nights will be filled if I take to the belly dancing classes like I think I will. I have to leave Wednesday nights open for therapy sessions every couple of weeks and Friday nights I’m too tired from my volunteer time at the hospital to schedule anything. That leaves Thursday nights. I was thinking of taking a hip hop dance class. Too much? Probably. Maybe I’ll wait and see how this new, busier schedule suits me first.

In the meantime, I wait. Wait for the blood work results to come back, which I probably won’t hear about until Monday. Wait for Lizzy’s body work to be finished, which may not happen until Friday, in which case I’ll have to wait until Monday to pick her up. I prefer action to waiting, but I also need to learn some patience. I can’t do everything at once. 🙂

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