A Finish-Finish and Other Craftiness

It turns out I’ve actually put a few stitches in recently, though most of them have been more sewing-related in the past two days. A week or more ago, I started a new piece (I know, like I really needed another WIP) from The (now defunct) Gift of Stitching Magazine. This design is a blackwork design from Nancy Pederson named Grapevine Sampler:

That is the only actual stitching that I’ve done in the past month or more, I think. Yesterday, I didn’t feel well and had to skip my volunteer duties at the children’s hospital (which bums me out more than you know), so when I started to feel better in the afternoon/evening, I decided for some reason to setup the sewing machine and work on F bombs. Yeah, remember those things? From 6 months or so ago? I’ve had the parts cut out and queued up for a while now, since I bought additional supplies, just waiting for me to run up the main body on the machine. At that remains now, of course, is all of the tedious hand sewing work, plus the making of all of the cording for the fuses. One step at a time, as I still have a lot of felt circles to cut out for the tops, bottoms and chimneys, as well.

Tonight, as we were sitting watching a movie, I decided to finish putting together a bookmark from Tor Rhuann Designs’ Assisi Winter design. I’ve had the sides of the stitching sewn to interfacing and backing for a long while now, but had put off the hand sewing of the ends and the making and attachment of a tassel for the longest time. What made me do it now, who knows? But it’s done! I didn’t get good color reproduction on the scan, so I might attempt a photo in daylight sometime soon.

Now that the summer weather is upon us, I have a couple (at least 3) sundresses for which I have the fabric and thread (just need trims for all but the first one) and just need to cut out the pattern and start sewing. Maybe tomorrow? Of course, those really tall weeds at the front of the house are also taunting me. We’ll see who wins out. Or maybe I’ll clean the house up a bit?

I hope all of you have a great rest of the weekend (or at least what little of it is left for my down-under friends)!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    That Vino piece is GORGEOUS. Your stitching is quite lovely.

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