Some Old Framing

I figured I needed to post something at some point, since I’ve accomplished absolutely no stitching in a while and what I did get done before that, I can’t share yet. So, I took photos of two pieces that I framed/had framed recently. Okay, one was recently, one was last year.

First I’ll show the more recent one. I went ahead and had my Chatelaine Tiny Rose Mandala Garden framed at Michaels:

I just love the gold glitter inner mat. 🙂

Second is one that I framed up myself a few months ago. This is Just Nan’s Filagree Fancies – Magic Wings:

That’s it for now. I’m working again this weekend, just like I did last weekend, so I’ll report more… later???

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  1. barbara says:

    Lovely framing, Jenna! I hope the crazy work schedule slows down for you soon!

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