WIPocalypse Check-in – February 7, 2012

And the WIPocalypse continues! Here is my February update with my current WIPocalypse WIP list, including status updates:

    My current WIP pile:

  1. Northern Pine Designs – Geometric II
  2. Mill Hill – Spring Weathervanes – Floral Vase
  3. Jenna Magee – Purin
  4. Just Nan – Over the Top – Grow! (Tin Topper) – FINISHED!
  5. Lody Steward – Pagoda Pincushion
  6. Chatelaine Designs – Micro #1
  7. Lizzie*Kate – Dog Lessons For People
  8. Nora Corbett – The Sunflower Fairy – FINISHED!
  9. Older WIPs:

  10. The Victoria Sampler – Heirloom Memories Sampler
  11. Chatelaine Designs – Tiny Rose Mandala Garden – FINISHED!
  12. Leisure Arts – Pooh Sweet Dreams Afghan
  13. UFOs:

  14. Dimensions – Bonsai and Buddha
  15. Roz Watnemo – Flower Garden
  16. Mirabilia – Fairy Moon
  17. Mill Hill Treasured Spring Sampler Kit – Flower Basket Fantasy
  18. Jeanette Crews Designs – Computer Wizard – Current Focus Piece
  19. Giraffe Pillow

I’ve added another current WIP photo, for Mill Hill’s Flower Basket Fantasy. There is now only one piece left for which I do have have a photo of its current status: Lody Steward’s Pagoda Pincushion. I have finished the top piece of it, but not started the bottom yet, so I have nothing to show.

As I stated in my previous update, I needed to switch to a small piece that I could stitch in hand, so I picked up and completed Just Nan’s Grow! tin topper, from her Over the Top series.

Here are the before and after pics:

Just Nan – Over the Top – Grow! (Tin Topper), as of January 13, 2012:

Completed January 16, 2012:

Since that finish, I have been working on Computer Wizard from Jeanette Crews Designs. And a couple of other things, which have kept me from making really good progress on Computer Wizard. I am doing another PIF event this year and I decided to stitch everything (of course), so I have been working on those gifts. I only have to do 5 total and I’ve already started and completed two projects and started two more, so I’m making good and quick progress.

Here is where Computer Wizard was when I last worked on her (February 18, 2007!):

And here is where she is now:

Hopefully, I will have more to report next month!

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7 Responses to WIPocalypse Check-in – February 7, 2012

  1. Leslie says:

    Nice progress Jenna! I remember when you first started Computer Wizard way back when. I have a few WIPS from that era too:)

  2. Annette says:

    I love the little JustNan piece 🙂 I had Computer Wizard hanging in my cube at work until last August (when we stopped having assigned cubes…). I need to find her a spot at home!

  3. Cute progress and I like the little finishes

  4. Beth says:

    That Just Nan is beautiful! I really enjoyed looking at all your WIP’s – such a range and all just wonderful!

  5. Robin H says:

    Congrats on your finishes!

  6. Carla says:

    beautiful stitching

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