Two Christmas Gifts

So… busy… can’t… talk…

I stitched up an impromptu Christmas gift in 2 nights right after Thanksgiving. Then I decided to do it again and just finished the second iteration tonight.

I didn’t have any heart-shaped charms for the center, so I stitched a small Rhodes heart instead.

The design is from JBW Designs’ Sweet Nothing series, called Grandmother: A Special Love.

The first one I did was for Terry’s grandmother:

And the second one is for my step-grandmother, who will soon no longer technically be my step-grandmother (a story for another time – or not at all):

Thankfully, both of these lovely ladies love the color purple (as do I, if you couldn’t tell), so pulling supplies for each piece was easy. Each of the fabrics is an individual solo from Silkweaver and I love them both!

Both pieces are now framed and waiting to be wrapped up for Christmas.

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  1. barbara says:

    Jenna, they are so beautiful!

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