Two Finishes

I have actually been doing some stitching lately, believe it or not. Not as much as I would like, as I have been incredibly, crazy busy at work for the past month and longer. But I have managed some. Especially yesterday because the craziness has finally died down long enough for me to schedule a day off for myself. Yay! 😀 I spent a good portion of it stitching, so I got a finish under my belt by the end of the night and even started my first canvaswork piece.

I’ll back up a moment first, though. November 1st marked the beginning of a SAL that I helped organize on Facebook for Nora Corbett’s Sunflower Fairy. I wasn’t able to get started on time because I was still figuring out what fabric I was going to stitch on and then waiting for it to arrive. I did finally make a start on it, though. She has hair, skin, a dress and part of a wing. I tried to take a WIP photo the other night when I put in my last bit of stitching on her, but the photos were blurry, so I will have to try again, sorry. 🙂

Last Saturday, I decided to whip up Just Nan’s Maple Ravens for my cubicle at work. You may or may not recall that I hang a Just Nan WhimZi in my cubicle, swapping it out every season, if not every month. I’ve never quite had one that fit well between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Until Nan released the limited edition Maple Ravens this fall.

And here it is:

And again, finished in its WhimZi frame:

And then, yesterday, I finished Sweet Feet by Maria Diaz:

I stitched it in sepia tones, but ended up swapped out several of the threads from the designer’s sepia conversion because I wasn’t terribly pleased with them. Now, in seeing the finished piece, I’m not pleased with my changes, either; however, I have worked hard enough on it that I have decided to let it go, frame it and give it as the gift intended. As long as the recipients like it, then that’s what matters. Besides, it’s going to China, so I will probably never see it again. 😆

After finishing that, I finally started my first canvaswork piece that I picked up as a freebie from the Northern Pine Designs website. I’ve had it kitted up for well over a year and sitting in the bag to be a canvaswork project tote. In fact, I had even tacked the canvas to the stretcher bars, apparently long enough ago that the canvas has stretched a bit. I’ve already made a mistake, swapping colors in one section, but I’ve decided to leave it as is and just live with it. I think I’m getting used to this concept of leaving things alone. 😉

Well, it’s about time for bed, so it’s time to click on the Publish button. Good night!

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