Soooo Bored…

I seriously need either a vacation or a break of some kind. I’ve been working my fingers to the bone. Work all day, eat dinner, go up to the home office and work for another couple of hours. I’m a week behind on the main project I’m working on, but after last night’s push, I’m back in “hurry up and wait” mode. Waiting for things to finish running before I can do more is as exciting as watching paint dry.

Add in a ton of rain over the past few days (with more forecasted through Monday) to this terribly stimulating work and you get an unhappy me. One who, at this very moment, desperately wants to lay down and take a nap. I wish I had been able to work from home today.

Anyway, enough whining. I know where I am. I have a vague idea of where I want to be. And I am going to develop a plan to get there. In the meantime, I’ll be chomping at the bit from time to time. Or a lot of the time. Whatever. 🙂

As far as stitching, I don’t have a whole lot to report. I didn’t stitch at all over the Labor Day weekend. Saturday was gaming day at a friend’s house; Sunday was a family get-together; and Monday was the day to dye my hair and finish painting the powder room. I have to say that I’m not happy with my hair color this time. I think that they changed the formulation because the same color that I’ve been using on my hair for well over a year turned out much darker this time. It’s now darker than my natural brown, with red to it, but not the coppery red that I usually get. More of a maroon-y red. Blah. Now I have to wait a month to fix it, though I think I found a different product line to try. It’s going to be a long month.

So, back to the stitching. I did score another finish the weekend before last and I had been making excellent progress on the adoption piece that I’m working on. I’ll have to try to take a decent picture of that sometime in the near future to show you. Maybe after I’ve been able to put in a few more stitches. To tide you over, here is the finish:

This is my second iteration of the Britty Christmas Puppy ornament, this time for Abby. The Wisper fiber doesn’t show up very well in the picture. I will do one more of these to have one for Lily. I should be able to get Lily’s stitched and all 3 of them finished by Christmas, don’t you think?

Speaking of Christmas, I have no idea what, if anything, I’m stitching for anyone. That’s very unusual. Usually I have something picked out for my mom and well underway by this point, but I’m totally drawing a blank this year. I’ve exhausted all of the old projects that I had queued up for her and nothing new is popping into my head. I guess I could always call her and ask. 😉

Well, that’s enough time-wasting for me for now. I have a meeting in a couple of minutes. Hopefully, I’ll be going to Michaels tonight to pick up my completed framing, if these blasted downpours (that’s an understatement folks – seriously) ever stop. Either tonight or tomorrow night. Yay!

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2 Responses to Soooo Bored…

  1. Anne R says:

    You could always do something new and KNIT something for Christmas? If nothing else, it should be a surprise that way 😉

  2. Karen says:

    Cute little finish! I hope you get some time for yourself soon!

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