Stitching Finishes and Cherry Tree Blossoms

I missed going to stitching on Friday night because I completely forgot about it until I was sitting down to eat my dinner at 6:30 PM. As a result, I missed Anna and her Wisper fluffer gadget. So, this morning, I did a quick Google search and found that you can use the hook side of Velcro (otherwise known as hook and loop fastener) to fluff Wisper thread. It didn’t hide the fact that stitching with Wisper over 1 doesn’t work well and so made my piece a mess, but there’s nothing that I can do about that now.

So, here is a picture of the ornament I stitched up recently. It’s Britty Christmas Puppy by Brittercup Designs, as published in the 2006 issue of Just Cross Stitch’s Christmas Ornaments magazine. This one has Phoebe’s name on the stocking. I have two more lined up, for Abby and Lily.

The next two photos are finish-finishes of pieces that I stitched years ago. They are the two parts of the Celtic Mission to Assisi design by Tor Rhuann Designs. I love her designs because they are small, usually done in the Assisi style and free!

My final picture for the night is my annual photo of my weeping cherry tree in bloom:

She gets bigger and more beautiful every year. I just need to remember to fertilize her this year, as I skipped it last year and I found that it makes a big difference in her annual growth. I also need to trim any branches that have died off, as that seems to have a positive impact, as well.

Well, that’s it for me tonight. I had a very emotional day and I’m tired. I will blog more sometime in the next couple of days. Have a great week, everyone!

P.S. I forgot one thing. Dianne recently posted on Facebook about a necklace that she’s had for a long time breaking on her. I offered to take a look and see if I could do anything with it, since I’ve been on this jewelry kick lately. As it turns out, it was a strung piece that had been strung with cotton that had finally given up the ghost and snapped. I was able to pull it apart, clean all of the pieces and restring it on the standard braided metal wire that I use for most of my beaded projects. Since it was all sterling silver, it cleaned up so nicely that I swear it must look like it’s brand new!

It will go into the mail tomorrow morning and should be home at Dianne’s the day after. I hope she’ll be happy with how it turned out!

P.P.S. I forgot another stitching picture. I reached the halfway mark on Picasso’s Rooster (by Ladybug Designs) last night. It’s a project I started sometime in January, but hadn’t spent much meaningful time on in a while. He’s coming along nicely!

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Jenna – You can use a toothbrush on the Wisper as well.

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