Latest Michaels Framing Work

We went out last night after work and picked up my latest two custom framing jobs from Michaels.

One is my last Tinker Bell artwork to be framed (for now). This is the last of my purchases from when we were in Walt Disney World back in September. It is a set of four laser cels, in a limited edition, pre-matted configuration. I knew going in that I wanted a basic frame with a white-washed look. There wasn’t much that would work with all of those colors anyway. It was only when I got it home and started taking close-up pictures that I realized that the color of the frame matches the color of the mat core. Bonus!

Full shot:

Spring –

Summer –

Autumn –

Winter –

The second is the reframing of my Frost Fairy. This was my first real project that I believe I started in high school and finished at the end of my college days, after quite a hiatus. The frame and mat combination are perfect for the piece, I think. They had to stretch the piece a bit and I asked for them to try to straighten it up when they pinned it. They didn’t do the best job, but if you don’t look at it really closely, you don’t notice. I will allow them some leeway on this piece because, once we opened it up, we discovered that the fabric had been way too short to frame well and my mother had sewn plain cotton fabric to the sides to compensate, so it would have been difficult to get it really straight when pinning, I believe. If I find that I can’t get past it, I’ll simply pull it out of the frame and adjust it.

I dropped two more pieces off with them while I was there, one stitched on linen and the other a hardanger piece on evenweave. I’m not particularly attached to either piece, which is why I chose these two to further test their mounting skills. If I’m not happy with the results, I may ask if there is a stitcher who works in the framing department.

Anyway, here is Frost Fairy in her original frame:

And here she is in her new-found glory:

The lighting for this picture isn’t the best, so I may try again. You can’t see that the innermost mat is actually a silver color that matches the frame, which is brushed metal, and brings out the silver metallic in the frost (which you also can’t see in this picture). Looks good, doesn’t she? The best part is that she looks great on the mantel, against the grey stonework around our fireplace. Awesome.

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4 Responses to Latest Michaels Framing Work

  1. Karen says:

    I love the new frame on frost fairy. It complements her so well. Your tinkerbell pictures are adorable and look great framed. I look forward to seeing the next two pieces you dropped off.

  2. Meari says:

    Frost Fairy looks great in that new frame!

  3. Anne R says:

    Wow – that new framing on the frost fairy really shows how important framing is! It looks stunning now”! – yes, I have the imagination to “see” it in better light 😉

    We have a big project hubby’s grandmother made him for his 30th birthday, and I really want to get it opened and reframed. (There are teeny tiny bugs on it, below the glass…) I got new incentive now, seeing how good your fairy turned out! 🙂

  4. Christine S says:

    I really like the new frame for Frost Fairy! Your Tinkerbell cels look great, too.

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