My Little Art Space

At the end of November, beginning of December, or somewhere around that time, I ordered another Ott-Lite lamp so that I could use it to illuminate my easel, allowing me to do some drawing and other artwork after the sun sets. Since that happens quite disturbingly early in the winter and was kind enough to run one of their 50% off of Ott-Lite products sales, I was happy to oblige by making a purchase. I ended up with a really beautiful lamp – the Lexington floor lamp in Mocha Pearl. It suits the other lighting in our little reading nook quite nicely and that is where I decided to set up a little artistic space for myself, since the craft/music/everything else room is too crowded for me to set up my easel in right now. Add in the gorgeous bamboo easel that I bought from Dick Blick a while back (probably when I was still taking classes at The Art Institute), a folding chair, a bunch of pencils (and erasers), a nice thick pad of high quality paper and the two amazing artist’s models that Terry bought for me for Christmas and voila:

A little doodling space pour moi. You’ll have to ignore all of the mess on the floor and in the background, but it is hopefully only a temporary space for now until I can find a more appropriate and permanent space after we finish the basement this winter. It works, though, and lets me keep all of my drawing supplies spread out all over the floor and reading chairs so that I can pick back up on the drawing that I’m hiding in the photo whenever the spirit moves me. 😉

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  1. Von says:

    So glad you picked up the new lamp, Jenna! I love those 50% off coupons. 😀 Also enjoy getting a little glimpse into your home – great wall colors!

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