Crafting on a Gloomy Day…

can yield some strange results. It was a dark and rainy day here on Tuesday and I wanted to finish up a bookmark that I had started a week or more before. I had stopped because I was working on a bookmark consisting primarily of plastic necklace cord with beaded embellishments. I was stuck on what to do for a design and I had tired of the wire wrapping that I was doing.

I had originally pulled a green glass bead with colored flecks in it and some coordinating Swarovski crystals to pull out the secondary colors in the bead. With some finagling, I had been able to actually thread the bead onto the cord and that is about where I stopped. Correction, I had wrapped some wire around the bottom end of the cord, created a loop to hold a charm and added a heart charm. Oh, and I guess I had inserted some wire through the cord near the top to get ready for beading up there.

So, when I picked it up again on Tuesday, it was dark in my crafting room and my mood wasn’t terribly bright and sunny, either. I still had no idea what to do with the stupid bookmark and I was feeling annoyed with it because I just wanted to finish it so that I could clean up my beading materials.

I got the idea to wrap the colored beads over the large glass bead. So, I did that on two opposing sides. I then wrapped the remaining wire around the top of the cord above the bead, with the intention of doing who knows what with it. I had a bunch of wire left on one side and just a little bit on the other. I thought of cutting it off, but then I just started wrapping it around one of my pairs of beading pliers. It turned out kinda funky and with my mood the way it was, I decided I like it, so I twisted it a little bit and let it be.

Of course, at this point the heart charm at the bottom really no longer suited the funky direction in which this bookmark was proceeding, so I removed it. In looking at the top of the bookmark, I decided that it looked like some avante-garde runway model. You know, with a totally bizarre hat or hairdo. The large glass bead looked like a torso, with the beads wrapped around the sides forming her arms, with her hands on her hips. So, what else could I do with the bottom but hang off some legs?

Here’s the result:

The full view:

Head and torso:

Dangling legs:

I realize that not everyone will see what I see in this, but I am strangely pleased with the results. The only bummer is that the cord ended up not being long enough for larger paperback or hardbound books. It only fits the mass market paperbacks and then it hangs way out over because it was just shy of fitting larger books. I suppose I could cut the cord shorter to better fit the smaller books and re-hang her legs. Maybe. Probably. Now that I’ve come up with the solution, I will likely implement it soon.

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3 Responses to Crafting on a Gloomy Day…

  1. Karen says:

    It’s great! I love the twisted wiring at the top and that green bead!

  2. Sharon says:

    I love it!

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