Drive-By Blogging

I’m just popping in on my way to bed to post another finish. This is the other side of my spring biscornu, with the more exciting hardanger sections. It looks a little wonky in the scan, but I don’t have time to fix up everything to lay nicely. It will all pull out of shape a bit when I finish it anyway. Oh, and those Dove’s Cotes (the part in the center of the hardanger section with the bowed out edges) were a bear. But I’m always up for a good challenge. Now I just need to go back through my first Janice Love hardanger book (Hardanger Basics and Beyond – if you want to learn hardanger or just how to execute it better, this is THE authoritative resource) and figure out what is wrong with my stupid Dove’s Eyes!

Next up, I have to squeeze some time into my busy gaming schedule this weekend to finish this thing into an actual biscornu. But first, bed. Good night!

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  1. Barbara says:

    Exquisite, Jenna!!

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