Photo Update

Hang onto your hats, I have several photos locked and loaded for this post.

First up is my current stitching progress. I have finished most of this panel of the Savannah project – this picture shows the completed portion. I’m working on a section at the top now that should actually be done with just another hour or so of work.

Photo removed. See the finished piece here.

Next are several pictures that I snapped of the girls today. The first four are mostly of Lily and were all taken with my BlackBerry, which explains the odd lighting and quality. I have the top one loaded as the background for my BlackBerry, but the closeup of Lily is my absolute favorite. She’s just so irresistibly sweet. And, if you look closely at her pupils, you can see that her eyes are actually off-center. Kinda explains some things, doesn’t it? 😆

And the next four are of Abby, but with a real camera.

They both have bone bits in their ruff, so that’s why their chests look a little matted. We give them Booda bones, so it’s mostly starch and gets really sticky. It kinda makes a mess, but they are the only things we’ve been able to get Lily to chew on and even then, she will only chew on an end after Abby has polished off 2/3 or more of it.

They are also in the process of shedding, so there has been a lot of brushing recently. Lily is quite patient about being groomed, fortunately. Which is amazing in itself, since she is so touchy about just about everything else in existence. But hey, don’t look a gift pup in the mouth, right?

Isn’t Abby just a lovely, perfect example of the Pomeranian breed? She truly would have been a champion if she had been shown. She’s just a gorgeous ball of puff! I love my two girls!

Well, that’s my disorganized, rambling stream of thought. Have a great week!

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3 Responses to Photo Update

  1. Christine S says:

    They are both super cute, Jenna!! Lily has the same delicate features that my mom’s black & white Pom has. My brother’s Pom is very similar in colouring to Lily & Abby but darker.

  2. Barbara says:

    They are beautiful girls, Jenna! And they look like they have equally wonderful personalities to match their pretty looks. 😀

    Could you send me an email when you have the time in regard to skin care (bathing, etc.) of Poms? My mom’s Pom has such skin issues – but then again, my Mom doesn’t seem to be taking particularly good care of her in that regard, either. I’m wondering if there is something I could do to help.

  3. Von says:

    I always thought little Poms were the cutest things! Good luck keeping up with the grooming this spring. With our lifestyle and all the activity in the house, I’m grateful for my non-shedding Mini Schnauzer. 😀

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