Threading a Punchneedle

I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reading today, in the midst of doing work from home. It’s supposed to be a vacation day for me, as the company I work for gave us today and tomorrow off of the Fourth of July holiday, but a service request for a problem that we’ve had logged with a large-software-company-that-shall-remain-nameless for over a month finally got escalated this week and apparently they didn’t have off today, so they’ve been hounding me like crazy all day. I haven’t seen as much activity on this request in the entire month+ that it’s been open as I’ve seen in the past two days since it was escalated. Holy cow!

Anyway, it catching up on blogs, I saw that someone sent someone (my memory is like a steel sieve) an exchange that included a scissors fob done in punchneedle. Which reminds me that I’d like to try that craft again, since I bought two needles at the final CATS festival in Hershey and tried my first piece that weekend. I enjoyed it, but I don’t remember how to thread a punchneedle now! Can anyone either tell me how to do it, or point me in the direction of some instructions? I haven’t bothered to Google it yet because I’m apparently feeling lazy. A video would be the best, actually. That and some recommendations for punchneedle designs/designers would be great. My mind isn’t working too well tonight, having a headache and all. We’ll just blame it on that. 😉

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  1. Barbara says:

    Sorry you have a headache, Jenna. I hope it’s a short-lived one.

    Guess what arrived today?! I will post tomorrow about them (so they can have their own limelight) but I’ve actually already used one! I love them! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

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