Dreamscapes II

So, I don’t have as many details on my three latest nights of dreams, but they were all-nighters again. At least, I think they were. They were long, at least.

Three nights ago, I dreamed that we were moving out of our house into a slightly bigger house with a much smaller backyard and closer neighbors (eek!). There were three African-American kids in the family that was moving out, except they didn’t seem to move out when the rest of the family did. They helped me figure out the intricacies of the new house and I let them paint their own rooms. The backyard was fenced in, which was nice and necessary since we had not only our little Phoebe, but a much bigger black lab that wasn’t full grown yet and was completely untamed and energetic, so we needed to be able to fence him in. We also got a cat, as our neighbors were moving, as well, and had taken our cat at some point. They decided to give her back when they moved.

We had to have portions of the yard re-fenced because, for some reason, it went straight down the one side to a certain point, then came in a bit and went back out to the back of the property, instead of just making one big rectangle along the property line. And the back property line was wavy and went back at an angle, so we had room to put a swingset in the back left corner. Anyway, the kids were male, female and male, from oldest to youngest and the elder male had some developmental problems. I figured out, and was told by a teacher at the same time, that he liked crafts, especially working with beads. So, I went right out to a Michael’s or something and bought a bunch of craft kits utilizing beads. Somehow, this helped to break through his developmental barrier and transformed him into a normal child. The middle child, a girl, was the most helpful of all of them, though, and we grew to have a good bond.

Two nights ago, I dreamed that I met Ash in person. Which is highly unlikely due to her new location. But anyway, we met at a football game at my high school and I had brought some stitching to work on and some to show her. Anyway, when she showed up, I was absolutely ecstatic to see her and kept giving her hugs. In the meantime, I had left one of my stitching pieces further down on the bleachers where I had been sitting. When I went back to get it, someone had been working on it and made great progress. I showed it to Ash and some other miscellaneous people who were in the scene and we were all making a big deal about it. Of course, I didn’t go try to find the person who did it… Then, it was time to go and Ash needed to borrow some money. I asked my parents to help and they refused. So, Terry and I took her to her hotel and I used the ATM there to give her the money she needed.

Then, last night I dreamed that I was back at the University of Delaware. The landscape had changed drastically, with the whole university much bigger than it was when I was there and lots of additional dorms. I wandered from my dorm to another dorm to hang out with some classmates and then couldn’t find my way back, so I asked an older gentleman to help me. He was more than happy to help, but then when we were almost to my dorm, he put his hand down my pants. Hello! Anyway, it was interesting because all of the classes that I had signed up for that semester were art classes. One was abstract art using quilling paper, where I met this Asian guy whose dorm it was that I went to to hang out. I remember not being able to remember my class schedule, too.

So there you have it. More of the twisted workings of my mind. And more of the reason that I’ve been feeling tired in the mornings, I suspect. Weirdness.

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  1. Outi says:

    I get the feeling that some part of you is trying to say that you should study arts… and that some part of you thinks that you should have studied them when you were younger (I am not saying “young” because you still are ;)).

    Isn’t it odd how we see dreams of our friends far away? I recall having a dream, some months ago, of meeting you and Terry. :mrgreen:

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