Sorry I haven’t posted much this week, but I really don’t have much to say. 🙂

Today’s post is for Dr. Steve, who asked that I write down my dreams whenever I remember them. I’ve been having these long dreams that flow together and pretty much run all night. It’s like a movie, but I’m tired afterwards. Not sure how much actual sleep I’m getting if I’m dreaming that much. Anyway, here’s last night’s saga:

I walked into my college dorm room after having been away for years. My roommate was Sandra, my roommate from my sophomore year and I knew that she would be hurt that I was gone so long without talking to her. The room was painted in a deep shade of purple and I had trouble turning on a light at first. Sandra had left all of my things in the room, as they were when I left.

Everyone on the hall was getting ready for some sort of formal dance and were in the shared showers. I had an aversion to using the shared showers and didn’t have any friends to go with or anything to wear, so I just stayed in the room and cried.

Sandra came back from wherever she had been and we had a long talk that night, with me explaining where I had been and what I had been doing (i.e. I got married, etc.), how my absence had nothing to do with her, etc. We ended up falling asleep feeling better about our relationship in general.

It was nearly graduation time and Sandra was due to graduate with a 10.0. While this doesn’t exist in reality, she did actually graduate with a 4.0 and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, which is really tough to do.

Anyway, at this point, the focus of the dream shifted. My friend Mary was in my dorm, as well. And this creepy older guy kept showing up in the dorm and in my room one time. My friend Albert and I think Terry were in the room with me at the time and we kept wondering if we had closed the door or it was open and he just came in. He was a very odd guy and something was just not quite right about him. Mary had her daughter Lori and her best male friend Elie with her, except her daughter was quite young (in reality, she’s a senior in high school). The creepy guy came up to me, commented on what a cute little girl Lori was and asked where they were parked. I told Mary this and then the guy grabbed Lori’s arm. There was a struggle and building security showed up. We knew this would do no good, though, as we had found out that he had a “gateway key card” which allowed him into any room in any building on campus. This meant that he essentially had carte blanche and would be let go by security to go on his merry way.

Flyers were sent to everyone in the dorm, except there was no mug shot of the guy and I was angry about this because the only picture on the flyer wasn’t a very good one, whereas I knew that the photo on his badge was a perfect likeness. It turned out not to matter anyway, as he knew that everyone was on the lookout for him, so he started wearing disguises and we never knew if someone was him or not. He was angry with me for getting involved and reporting him, so I was afraid he was going to try to kill me. The problem was, I would never know who was trying to kill me because of the disguises he was wearing. Sometimes we thought someone was him and were wrong. I was extremely paranoid.

Mary and I went to her room and it turned out to be this gigantic room with 8 to 10 other girls in there. They yelled “Surprise!” when we walked in and turned out to be celebrating Mary’s birthday. There were several different cakes around the room and the conversation ended up turning to the creepy guy.

At this point, the dream shifted again. One of the girls in the dorm showed me these really pretty embroidery scissors that she purchased from a bazaar downstairs. So, I took Mary and Lori (who was now back to being a teenager) down to investigate. Mary sat outside so that she didn’t get winded from walking around and Lori came in with me. We found the scissors shop right away, but Lori was told that she wasn’t allowed to buy scissors. I got the feeling that they thought she was too young. So, I went on alone. It turned out that it was a build-your-own-scissors place, where you could pick each component of your scissors, the finish, the color, etc. The blades were separate from the handles and the place was huge, so you could come up with any number of combinations. I chose a pair of blades that resembled a fountain pen at the tips and remember looking for the right pair with good craftsmanship that cut to the tip and had a smooth working to them. The girl who suddenly appeared as my guide assured me that the blades would be worked on by this woman sitting beside the hangers of blades until they worked just right. She had polishing compound and a polishing wheel that she was using to refine the blades.

Next, we moved on to the handles. I wanted something lacy and found this sample pair of handles that were an intricate version of the Eiffel Tower, except there were none available at the time. I asked my guide when there would be some more and she said that there would be no more made that day by the artisan. Next thing I knew, it was the next day and the handles were available. I went up to a male guide because mine had disappeared and we tried to find my blades so that my scissors could be assembled and then I could choose the color and finish.

And that’s about when I had to get up. If you stuck with me this far, I hope it was interesting to you. Otherwise, this will just be printed out for my next visit to Dr. Steve in two weeks.

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3 Responses to Dreamscapes

  1. Barbara says:

    Whew. That’s a brainful. For me, it’s these recurring dreams of old houses, parking lots, and weird route combinations to get to places. Been having them for about 2 1/2 years now and they bug the crap out of me. Like you said, I wake up tired.

  2. Angela says:

    Hm, sounds pretty dream-like to me 😉
    I am not an expert in any sense, but, it sounds like you are seeking out and healing the relationships almost from a getting caught up sort of way; you are reaching out. Then you are protecting (you are the most obervant of the threat, with the most innocent of victims= a child) then you are doubting your ability to protect (can’t quite be sure if it’s the guy or not and where he keeps “changing” it’s nearly impossible for you to be able to). Then you are gaining control of the situation, in choosing everything about the scissors.
    I had a reoccuring one -from childhood through teen years – about a hallway with a door. Never was able to get to the door and know what it was in there. Just a dark hallway with a doorway with light coming from it. It freaked and urked me all at the same time. And I am not a scary movie sort of person.
    Let us know what Dr. Steve says!

  3. Sharon says:

    Jenna, I can’t begin to imagine dreaming all night. long. On a positive note-at least no one was chasing you or trying to harm you in anyway. Or one of those dreams where you are falling-I hate those.

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