Did I Really Break a Toe?

  • Posted on February 25, 2006 at 11:22 am

According to Terry, no. But the first knuckle on my left middle toe is decidedly purple and gives me a jolt of pain every time I bend it. Guess what? Just in walking, you flex that knuckle, so I did a lot of dragging my foot (literally) across the floor last night so that I wouldn’t pick up my foot and hurt myself. Terry taped the toe to a nearby buddy last night, which helped, but even having the bed covers on my feet made the toes bend. Ow! 😆

I am such a serious clutz. I swear. I have to make sure that every area I walk in is clear or I will run into something, even if I already know it’s there. I am forever stubbing my poor toes on everything in sight! Of course, it doesn’t help that I have very long toes. 🙂 Yesterday’s culprit was the box with the new 80-hour Tivo that just arrived via FedEx yesterday afternoon. BTW, for the record, I know it’s technicially spelled TiVo, but honestly I’m too lazy to capitalize the v. 😉

So, yes, that will be Terry’s toy to play with this weekend. I already renamed the one we currently have downstairs from “downstairs” to “master bedroom” as that is where it’s final destination will be. It’s only a 40-hour unit and the new one is an 80-hour unit. YAY! I don’t have to track my recordings so closely now. I’m always trying to clean it off and let me tell you, last weekend’s preview weekend on Starz when I recorded all of those movies was a complex little dance of knowing how many movies I was going to record and copying them off to Terry’s laptop as they were recorded so that we could clear them off and make enough room to record everything I wanted. We didn’t even watch half of what we recorded! They’ll probably get burned off to DVD and watched at some later date. We’ve decided that my older iMac, which no longer gets any use as it was a failed experiment in trying to switch platforms, will become the ultimate repository of all of the movies. And it has a superdrive so I can burn them to CD. That makes me feel a little better about that lovely little machine. It truly is a wonderful piece of hardware and OS X isn’t bad, I just couldn’t afford to buy new versions of my graphics and web design software to run on the iMac. *sigh* So there sits the ultimate graphics machine which most professional graphics designers seem to use and I can’t afford to make it worth the $1500 I paid for it a few years ago. It’s just such a crying shame. I would really like to rectify that someday, but by the time I do, the hardware will be out of date. Oh wait, it already is! 😉

Wow, my posts have been so negative lately. I’m really sorry about that. Unfortunately, my mood has been all over the map lately. After my really long cry the other week after my first psycholoogist visit, I felt really good. I actually felt happy and relaxed for a week or so, with no headaches, able to tackle work will little to no stress. It was WONDERFUL! If that’s what normal people feel like, then I definitely want to be normal! 😀 This week, however, has been a different story. After having that tanatalizing peek at what my life could feel like, I’m back to the normal, high anxiety, high stress me. I honestly wish I knew how to get back to that happy person because it felt SO good! If anyone happens to know that magical formula, I hope that you’ll be willing to share it with me…

You know what, though? This week will be another week and another chance to try to be relaxed. It’s a beautiful day outside, with gorgeous blue skies and lovely sunshine. The nights have been spectacularly clear this week. Everytime I went out at night, I would just stare up at all of the wonderful stars in the sky that were shining so clearly and so brightly. If the ground weren’t so cold, I could have thrown myself back onto the grass and stared at the sky for hours! So beautiful. 🙂

OK, I’m off to actually do some stitching now, since I haven’t managed to do any in what, a week?

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  1. AnneS says:

    Sorry to hear about your poor wee toe – I did once by stubbing it on the door jamb … it was in agony for weeks! You might have a wee hairline fracture. Wish I could package up some anti-stress formula for you, but I don’t know how it works! LOL. I’m making the most of being in a ‘calm zone’ right now, but I don’t have a clue how I managed it … wish I could tell you, as it feels amazing :)) {hugs}

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