YAY! But…

  • Posted on February 22, 2006 at 11:00 pm

Hallelujah! I stitched last night! 😀 I was exhausted and just wanted to crawl under a blanket and pass out, but I managed to get in a bit of stitching while watching the ladies’ figure skating short program performances. Oh, it was so wonderous; I can’t tell you how good it felt!

But… today is another day. And I am again sidelined by injury. This time, I managed to strain or injure a tendon in my right hand; the tendon attached to my right forefinger. If I wasn’t worried about rebound headaches due to OTC meds, I would take something. It’s a good thing I have a short day tomorrow, as I’m not sure what a day’s worth of keyboarding and touchpad’ing (I haven’t been able to use a mouse in years due to ergonomic issues) will do to it.

Hmmm… I’m whining again. Sorry about that! Are you ready for a little bit more? I dropped the car off at the dealership for the day to get my options installed – fog lights, bass speakers and day/night mirror. And I came home with bass speakers and the day/night mirror. Umm… what? Yeah, the service manager called me half an hour before i was going to leave to go get the car and told me that the fog lights weren’t installed and that he placed another order for them “just in case.” Which tells me that they were supposed to be there (and we were told that everything had come in), but they couldn’t find them when they went to do the installation. I’m not totally wild about having to leave my baby there AGAIN, but they did wash her up very nicely. 🙂 I expect the fog lights to be the biggest deal to install because they are either going to have to cut holes to mount them or replace the bumper in order to accommodate them.

But hey, on the good side, I get to rest my hands and wrists tonight. I’ll put them into the night braces and hopefully sleep my way to less pain. Then tomorrow I see the neurologist and Phoebe sees the vet. Woohoo! 😉

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  1. Von says:

    Well, at least you did get to stitch last night and your car is clean. 🙂 Hope both the vet and neuro have good news for you! Let us know tomorrow!!

  2. AnneS says:

    Good luck at the Neuro’s again … and the vet … as for having a good whine, it does you good! I reckon one of the few ‘adages’ my Mum always uses in “a problem shared is a problem halved” is so true – it’s just good to get things off your chest. I always find if something is troubling me, as soon as I say it out loud or share it with someone, it makes it more manageable for some reason … go figure! Look forward to seeing your Neuro update post :))

  3. Kim says:

    Glad to hear about the stitching time…but sorry to hear about the sprain. Sounds painful. 🙁 I know what you mean about a touch pad mouse, I have to use one too, if I don’t then I can’t stitch because using a regular mouse and stitching is too much for my wrist tendons. Hope the neurologist trip is a success, keeping those migraines away is always a good thing. 😀 Good luck!

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