SBQ – December 1, 2005

  • Posted on December 1, 2005 at 12:28 pm

Today’s “Stitching Blogger’s Question” was suggested by AngelSan and is:

Do you have rules in the way you stitch? (i.e., Do you start in the middle? Do you determine which blocks to stitch first? Do you always start from the top or the bottom? Do you have special paths to prevent wasting thread?)

I was taught as a little girl to always start in the center of a design. I pretty much stick to that rule, except with band samplers. When stitching a band sampler, I often start with the band closest to the center and then move downwards or upwards. However, that changes if I’m working through a stitchalong or a cyberclass where the bands are expected to be worked from top to bottom. In that case, I do as I’m told. See? I’m such a obedient little thing. 🙂

I often sit and analyze the pattern and pre-determine the path of a specific color before stitching. That helps me to find to most efficient way around the design. Oh, and I always stitch /// then \. But, other than that, I don’t have many hard and fast rules for stitching. That would take the fun out of it a bit, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Outi says:

    Well, to us control freaks all those rules are part of the fun of stitching, so it really depends on a view. 😉

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