December Stitching Goals in Review

  • Posted on December 31, 2005 at 11:59 pm

This month was a hectic one, so let’s see how I did with my lofty goals:

  • Complete and send back model – NOT done
  • Complete this month’s JCS SAL ornament – NOT done
  • Complete Chatelaine Tiny Rose Mandala Garden – NOT done
  • 🙂 Complete 2nd Baby’s First Christmas ornament – DONE!
  • 🙂 Complete SBEBB Garden Exchange piece – DONE!
  • Finish, photograph and submit all 3 Silkweaver’s Stitcher’s Showcase entries – NOT done
  • 🙂 Finish (ornamentify) both Baby’s First Christmas ornaments – DONE!
  • 🙂 Finish (ornamentify) all remaining Christmas ornaments – DONE!
  • 🙂 Finish Christmas Hearts as a bellpull – DONE!
  • 🙂 Kit and start (?) Valentine’s Exchange piece – DONE!

So, I didn’t do as well as I have in previous months, but I had to insert a dose of reality into the mix somewhere in order to retain my sanity over the holidays. The first things to go were the artificially imposed deadlines, including this month’s JCS SAL ornament (I’m not eligible for the big prize anyway because I didn’t finish an earlier month’s ornament in time) and the Silkweaver contest entries. Next year will always yield another chance to enter.

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