I Wanna Be a Redhead

  • Posted on March 26, 2010 at 3:24 pm

It’s true. I would dearly love to be a redhead. And it’s not because my dogs have red fur, though I have to admit that I found myself comparing hair color options to the shades of both of the girls’ fur the other night. But, for years now, I have been longing to be a redhead. I’m not sure whether I want a rich, medium-toned auburn or the lighter golden red, but I lean towards the golden red every time I look at hair color, so I guess that’s what I would prefer. However, Terry thinks the medium auburn is better and it is closer to my natural medium brown, so it would look more natural. So, I went with Terry’s thoughts this time.

I’m irritated because Natural Instincts no longer has the color I used to use. Or maybe my CVS didn’t have it, which wouldn’t be the first time they didn’t carry something. So, I’m trying a new semi-permanent this time (I prefer to have it wash out a little more naturally). L’oreal has a new line called Healthy Look that appears to be direct competition for Natural Instincts. Someone else had a new line in the same genre – was it Garnier? Might have been. I’m pretty sure there was green involved in the packaging, so it was probably Garnier. I’m going with shade 6R Spiced Praline. It’s supposed to be a light reddish brown and the swatch makes it look like it should produce a decent medium red on my hair.

Of course, there is one wrinkle. I had my hair highlighted in December 2008. It’s still growing out. Like more than 2/3 of my hair still have highlights growing out. While I like the look of the highlights (even though the stylist went a little nuts), I hate the damage that it did to my hair. My hair is dry and feels like straw. Still. Bottom line is that I have no way of predicting exactly what the new color is going to look like on two different colors of hair on my head. I’m hoping that it kind-of blends between the two… hopefully. I wish I could convince my hair to grow a little more quickly so that I could get those blasted highlights cut out! Do I need more protein? If so, I’ve already arrived at the conclusion that I am not getting enough protein. I’m not the biggest fan of red meat, so I’m pretty sure I’m deficient. In the protein category, that is. Although I’m sure I’m deficient in other areas, as well. Either way, I picked up some protein water powder last night at the grocery store, so more protein is coming my way.

But, I digress. As usual (how many times have I typed that phrase recently?). The next time you see me (Anna), I should be a redhead. Hopefully, not of the mutant variety. I’m still a little nervous.

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  1. Barbara says:

    You can get a lot of protein from beans and veggies, Jenna. We don’t do much emat here, either, but that doesn’t have to spell protein deficiency. 🙂

    Love the idea of getting a color change and I hope you’ll show us pictures. Maybe I’ll do something with mine. 😉

  2. Von says:

    The great tragedy of my life is that I was born with brown hair and not the glorious red many of my cousins have. When I was grown, I became a blond, but now and then I’ve thrown in a new color with a touch of red. I understand wanting to change and think it may be worthwhile to try out the level two color on a patch of hair at the back of your neck as a test. Of course, that’s not where your highlights are, so I don’t know, lol! Good luck! Perhaps someone more qualified will give you some good advice. 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    Of all the colors, red is the most difficult to maintain, so baby your hair whenever possible. I’m digging Anna’s suggestion of the Frederick Fekkai hair masque, and adding my own of Redken’s Anti-Snap for the damage. I mix a little of the Anti-Snap in with my regular styling products and I’ve noticed a difference. I’m also a big fan of the Phytocitrus shampoo for colored hair you can buy at Sephora.com.

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