2005 Stitching Accomplishments

  • Posted on December 29, 2005 at 2:52 pm

I guess I’m not good with peer pressure. Everyone is doing it, so now I will too. 😉 Here is my list(s) of stitching completions and finishes (finish-finish) for the year:

    Stitching Completions:

  1. Pansy Ornament
  2. Christmas Rose Ornament
  3. Maltese Cross Ornament
  4. Peace Ornament
  5. Teenie Graduation Announcement
  6. In a Stable Ornament
  7. Friends Count Bookmark
  8. Wildflower Hearts
  9. Never Too Big Ornament
  10. Christmas Jewels Ornament
  11. Nordic Needle Hardanger Freebie
  12. Cindy Valentine Box Top
  13. My Band Sampler
  14. Fairy Violets
  15. Noel Birdhouse Ornament
  16. Pincushion Heart
  17. Santa’s Trimmings Ornament
  18. Hardanger Scissors Fob #1
  19. Penguin Hugs Ornament
  20. Hardanger Scissors Fob #2
  21. Close At Heart
  22. Cardinal Snowflake Ornament
  23. Teeny Tiny Friendship Bag #1
  24. Teeny Tiny Friendship Bag #2
  25. Alicia’s Banner
  26. Bunny Quilt Square
  27. Rocking Horse Quilt Square
  28. Sapphire Star Ornament
  29. Merry Christmas Bellpull
  30. Cute as a Button
  31. Russian Inspired Ornament
  32. Christmas Poinsettias Ornament
  33. Love Heart Ornament
  34. Love… Was Born at Christmas Ornament
  35. Christmas Hearts Bellpull
  36. Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament #1
  37. Christmas Heart Ornament
  38. Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament #2
  39. SBEBB Garden Exchange Gift
  40. SBEBB Valentine’s Exchange Gift #1
  41. SBEBB Valentine’s Exchange Gift #2
    SOLAK Squares:

  1. Here Be Dragons
  2. Celtic Knot #1
  3. Celtic Knot #2
  4. Christmyth Dragon
  5. Dragon Love
  6. Small But Mighty
    Model Stitching (Published):

  1. Midnight Arabesque (Cindy Valentine Designs)
  2. The Trilogy – Bundle of Joy (for The Silver Needle)
  3. Lizzie*Kate – April Stamp Flip-It (for The Silver Needle)
  4. Jamie Lynn Ornament (Twisted Oaks Designs)
  5. Loretta Renee Ornament (Twisted Oaks Designs)
  6. Nita Marie Ornament (Twisted Oaks Designs)

  1. Maltese Cross Ornament
  2. Peace Ornament
  3. Teenie Graduation Announcement (framed)
  4. Friends Count Bookmark
  5. Nordic Needle Hardanger Freebie (finished as a coaster)
  6. My Band Sampler (finished as my contribution to the Friendship Tapestry)
  7. Close At Heart (finished as a needleroll)
  8. Pincushion Heart (finished as a pincushion… heart)
  9. Teeny Tiny Friendship Bag #1 (finished as a tiny drawstring bag)
  10. Teeny Tiny Friendship Bag #2 (finished as a tiny drawstring bag)
  11. Alicia’s Banner (finished as a bellpull)
  12. Hardanger Scissors Fobs #1 and #2 (finished as a tuffet)
  13. Cute as a Button (finished as a flanged pillow)
  14. Russian Inspired Ornament
  15. Heirloom Heart (finished as a heart-shaped ornament)
  16. Christmas Hearts Bellpull
  17. Never Too Big Ornament
  18. Noel Birdhouse Ornament
  19. Christmas Poinsettias Ornament
  20. Christmas Jewels Ornament
  21. Penguin Hugs Ornament
  22. Sapphire Star Ornament
  23. Christmas Hearts Ornament
  24. Christmas Rose Ornament
  25. In a Stable Ornament
  26. Love… Was Born at Christmas Ornament
  27. Pansy Ornament
  28. Cardinal Snowflake Ornament
  29. Love Heart Ornament
  30. Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament #1
  31. Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament #2
  32. Santa’s Trimmings Ornament
  33. Merry Christmas Bellpull
  34. Victorian Christmas Tree (finished as a potted, stuffed tree)
  35. Fairy Violets (finished as a boxtop)
  36. SBEBB Valentine’s Exchange Gift #1
  37. SBEBB Valentine’s Exchange Gift #2

Wow, guess I did far better than I had imagined. 😀 Now, if I can have at least one large finish in the list in 2006, I’ll be ecstatic!

6 Comments on 2005 Stitching Accomplishments

  1. Von says:

    Jenna, that is one list to be proud of!! Your list of finished projects especially is amazing! No wonder you’re so good with those ornaments 🙂

  2. Cathy says:

    I’m going to come back later and drool over all all of these! Congratulations on your accomplishmnts in 2005!

  3. KarenV says:

    Jenna, you’ve had a great year of accomplishments! Congratulations to you – you’ve stitched some very pretty pieces this year. I’m looking forward to seeing all your lovely finishes in 2006 🙂

  4. Barbara says:

    Holy macaroni (as my brother & I used to say as kids) – that is a heck of a list!!! Congratulations! I’ll be on the edge of my seat to see what you come up with 2006!

  5. Isabelle says:

    Wow Jenna – makes me wonder whether you ever sleep?? And I know how hard you work – it’s not as if you worked part time or didn’t work… And even if you did, your list would still look amazing. As it is, it is phenomenal!! (and puts me to shame 😕 ;))

    Congratulations on so many wonderful finishes. 😀 Among all that I’ve been admiring, I think that what I like best is Midnight Arabesque – stunning!! The designer must have been over the moon with your stitching! 😀

  6. AnneS says:

    What a stunning array of finishes – you do beautiful stitching, and I love seeing the piccies so we can share in them too 🙂 Hope 2006 is a wonderful year for you, and I look forward to seeing the next lot of happy dances 🙂

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