Fruitful Sunday

  • Posted on November 15, 2004 at 12:29 am

Okay, so now I have a headache from straining my eyes all day, but I knocked another several to dos off of my list. Replaced by even more, of course. I finished stitching version 2 of the November ornament for the Chartswappers SAL. I then completed the stitching and backstitching on a fingertip towel for a housewarming gift. After that, I pulled a WIP that’s currently on hold off of Q-snaps so that I’ll be able to reuse them and hopefully mount the fabric for my little sister’s Christmas / very belated graduation gift. And then I stitched on the model I’m currently working on. Sorry, can’t show you the scan of that one. 😉

I also scanned in a bunch of photos from my childhood, to be printed and used for a special Christmas surprise for a family member (who I’m not going to name, in case they read this).

Terry did a lot of work this weekend, as well. He did the plumbing rework for the bathtub and shower fixtures yesterday, then mounted the porcelain shelf, mirror and toilet paper holder today. Just need some extra parts for the plumbing and then he’ll be able to install the new bath and shower fixtures. It’s looking good! Once that’s all done, I’ll touch up the paint in a few areas, then we’ll purchase and paint the trim and clearcoat the decorative paint, since it’s susceptible to moisture.

Lots more to do on the stitching front, as well. Need to work on my gift for the Chartswappers winter freebie exchange. And so many other things that it’s too depressing to list. I’ll cross those bridges when I come to them. 🙂

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