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  • Posted on August 21, 2011 at 1:11 pm

One more finish under my belt and I am really happy dancing over this one!

This is Picasso’s Rooster by Ladybug Designs:

I have wanted to stitch this since the first time I saw it in The Stitchery catalog years ago. I finally broke down and bought the kit sometime last year, I think, after having missed an opportunity to buy the chart directly from the designer and then finding out that it was seemingly discontinued.

The moment I saw it, it reminded me of my college, since we are known as the Fightin’ Blue Hens (modeled after the Blue Hen of Delaware). I’ve wanted to stitch it ever since and now I have!

I’m so glad that I was able to finish stitching it this weekend because I want to head to Michaels tomorrow with another piece or two in tow to get framed. I will be so happy to finally have this hanging on my wall! Perhaps I will hang it in my home office, near my diploma.

That’s it for me, for now. Time to mount another piece on the scroll bars that I just freed up (which is the real reason that I busted my hump to finish this one) and do some more stitching. We had planned to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art today, but I did hours of yardwork yesterday and buggered my shoulders up, so now I have a headache. Oh well, it was worth the pain to get the lawn mowed and trimmed and a mass of weeds pulled. There is still a lot more to do out there, but it’s a start, at least. Maybe next time I won’t try to do so much at once. 😉

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Prolific

  • Posted on August 14, 2011 at 6:26 pm

This is highly unusual, but I have a third finish to report this weekend. What can I say? I’ve been steaming through some of my shameful WIP list.

Today’s finish is the 3rd instance I’ve stitched of Janie Hubble‘s Strawberries & Cream design, which was available for free in one of her newsletters. I actually have 2 more kitted up – another full-sized and one stitched over one that will look exactly like the one I did in June, unless I decide to switch up the floss colors a bit.

Anyway, I think that this WIP had a grand total of 4 stitches in it when I picked it up last night. I finished it this afternoon while watching Get Him to the Greek, an insane little movie.

Since I finished that, I’ve been back to working on Picasso’s Rooster by Ladybug Designs. I would dearly love to finish this in the next couple of weeks so that I can reuse the scroll frame to start the adoption piece. That and having a bigger finish under my belt would be nice, too.

However, I have a mountain of work-work and yard-work standing between me and any more stitching time after tonight, so I’ll have to take what I can get, when I get it.

Have a great week, everyone!

Another Finish

  • Posted on August 13, 2011 at 12:16 pm

I told you that I would finish the piece I picked up last night before the end of the weekend!

This was one of my traveling in the car pieces for a while because it was worked on hardanger fabric; however, working with white floss and making sure that my hands were completely clean while in a car was proving to be more and more difficult, so I had to retire it from car duty. For that reason, it sat in one of my project bags for months and months, unloved and untouched. But now it is finished and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, especially considering the fact that I think the whole kit was either free or incredibly inexpensive from Nordic Needle. Of course, it is many years old. It came with the design, fabric and generic white floss. I added white Delica beads and Nordic Gold thread (from Rainbow Gallery) in silver to the piece, instead of doing it in all white with french knots. I also ignored where some of the french knots/beads were supposed to go because some of them were over top of the smyrna cross and just didn’t make sense to me.

Overall, it turned out well and I’m glad to have another finish under my belt. Next up is probably a new start for me. I designed a simple piece many months ago (perhaps over a year?) at the request of a co-worker and friend to commemorate the adoption of her little girl. It took me forever to finish the design and I’m still not happy with it, but it will just have to do. Then I brought in my DMC color card for her to pick out colors, we discussed a potential fabric color, I ordered samples from Silkweaver/Zweigart and we decided on a color. I ordered a fat quarter of the fabric, being careful to match the exact specifications (fabric type, count, etc.) of the sample to ensure that I received exactly what I saw in the sample. Imagine my quite unpleasant surprise when, after a month of waiting, the fabric arrived and was an incredibly pale and washed out equivalent of the sample. Terry’s comment was that it looked bleached in comparison. I wrote to Zweigart in late April explaining the issue and asking for help to resolve it. Jim Kornecki explained that perhaps the sample was old, that nothing had changed with the dyeing process and the same woman from Silkweaver was still dyeing the fabrics. He asked me to mail him the sample so that he could go through the fabric that they had in stock to see if anything was a better match. I mailed the sample in early June and then didn’t hear anything for weeks. After about a month, I sent Jim an email asking for an update. Nothing. A couple of weeks later, I sent another email. Nothing. A week later, I sent yet another email. Still nothing. I finally broke down and called Zweigart, leaving a message for Jim, but he never called me back. As you can imagine, after months of screwing around with these people, I was very close to writing a blog post slamming them for their complete lack of customer service. Something told me to just give them a little bit more time.

I was completely shocked when, a week ago, I received an email from Jim out of the blue saying that they had just finished up dyeing several batches of the fabric and after many attempts, they were able to reproduce the sample that I had sent back. I was in disbelief to hear that they had been working on trying to dye a batch that would properly match the sample. They sent me a fat quarter that I received a couple of days ago and, lo and behold, it does match the sample closely enough that I am pleased.

I guess the bottom line of the whole experience is that, despite the lack of communication from them, Zweigart ultimately came through for me and got me a piece of fabric that I can use to finally start the adoption piece. I am a happy camper.

Now I have to make sure I stitch and frame the piece before the 2nd anniversary of the adoption next April. 😉

A Secret Finish

  • Posted on August 12, 2011 at 10:00 pm

It’s official, I have a finish to report! Except I’m not allowed to show it to you. 😛 It’s my custom piece for Anna‘s stitching challenge. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and it’s coming to have much more significance for me than I had ever dreamed. I might actually be ready to talk about that part by the time I’m allowed to show off the piece. Now to decide whether or not to have it framed before the September 15th entry deadline. I might have to take a run to Michaels this weekend and see if something jumps out at me. I need to get out of the house more often anyway.

Besides that, I am quite embarrassed to report that I have already failed at my restarted 10 project challenge. I didn’t last very long, did I? I blame it all on Just Nan’s fall collection, with all of the limited edition items. I guess I’ll try again next month? 😆

Since I finished my challenge piece tonight, I have picked up another WIP that was a travel project for a while. I am hoping that I might actually finish it by the end of the weekend, if I don’t find something better to do, like go to a museum or something. This ties into the aforementioned trying to get out of the house more often. I am especially guilty of isolating myself on the weekends while I try to recover from the work week and my goodness I am getting to be SO boring!

Let’s see, what else was I going to say? Hmm… Nope, lost it. I’ll post again if/when I remember.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Belated 40th Birthday, My Dear Brother

  • Posted on August 11, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Today’s post is tinged with sorrow, as often happens at this time every year when my estranged brother’s birthday comes around. This year is a little bit more painful than usual, as he turned 40 yesterday. I haven’t spoken to him in many years and I miss my big brother. I was hoping that maybe 40 would be the magic number which would help turn things around and cause him to reach out to me. Now I will turn my hopes towards the 50 mark, I guess.

To my dear brother, no matter what happens and has happened, I love you. I hope that we will be friends again some day.

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