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  • Posted on July 25, 2011 at 8:31 am

I took some time yesterday to update my totally shameful and totally public WIP List. Feel free to look if you want to have a laugh. It will probably make you feel better about your own WIP lists. 😀 The sad thing is that this list still isn’t complete. I haven’t bothered to take a full inventory of every project that is laying around either fully kitted, nearly fully kitted or with stitches even in it. So embarrassing…

Anyway, I have only managed one finish so far this month and I’m not thinking that I will fit any more in unless I manage to get in some really solid stitching time this week. Considering the fact that I have my powder room ripped apart so that I can paint it but I haven’t finished the prep work yet, I really need to realign my priorities and I think that stitching will be further down the list.

Last night’s finish is a tiny Winnie the Pooh, stitched from a Janlynn kit:

He’ll go with the Dreaming Piglet that I did last month, plus the Bouncing Tigger I started last night and the Eeyore that I will stitch after that.

And then there’s my last finish for the month of June, which I neglected to blog about weeks ago. This is Summer Breeze by Brittercup Designs:

There’s supposed to be an American flag button at the top of the mast, but it was horribly oversized, so I left it off. I also changed the sail color from the pale pink and purple stripes that were charted to a white. It’s actually Snowball by Crescent Colours, I believe, but there’s little (if any) actual variegation to it, unfortunately. And the color didn’t stand out nicely from the fabric, so I had to add the backstitching around the sail to make it more visible.

That’s it for me today, so TTFN! (That’s “Ta-ta for now” for those of you who don’t know your Tigger speak.)

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