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She’s Alive!

  • Posted on October 30, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Yes, it’s true. The rumors of my complete abandonment of blogging are untrue. I’ve just been as busy as a bee lately. Between work, school and some issues I’ve had lately with excessive sleeping, I just haven’t had much time for… well, ANYTHING! 😆 I just happen to have a little bit of time today to catch my breath at work, so I thought that I would blog. I owe some pictures of the work I’ve been doing for my art classes, so I’ll try to post that in bits sometime in the near future, if at all possible.

So, one week ago today was my birthday. Thank you for the birthday wishes for those who remembered. It’s kinda hard to remember when I don’t put my countdown ticker up, I know. Sorry about that. See above about that busy stuff. 😉 Anyway, Terry got me a Wii Fit so that I can work on improving my balance, plus exercise in a more fun and interesting way, plus practice my yoga moves. He also got me a kit to make my own paper. Yes, I can make my own paper and cardstock now. We went out the next day and bought some more goodies to go with it, like mica powder for some lovely shine, iridescent flakes for sparkle and flower petals for some added interest. I’ve stopped for now because I need to create some sort of setup that will allow me to press dry the sheets instead of ironing them because ironing curls the paper. So, I have 3 sheets and 1 envelope of only semi-usable paper sitting upstairs. Okay, 1 envelope, 1 sheet of paper, 1 sheet of cardstock and 1 sheet of something in between. I’m enjoying this way of recycling paper from my shredder, though!

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