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My First Floss Tag

  • Posted on August 2, 2008 at 11:50 pm

I barely managed to finish my first floss tag this morning. I stitched a corner of a free design called 9 carrés from anne-les-petites-croix over one on some little scraps of fabric that I had laying around. The whole thing is small, only 1.5 inches square. The finishing was doomed from the start when I went to fuse on the interfacing and found a hot spot on my “gunky” iron (an older iron that I only use for messy jobs like fusing interfacing) which melted the interfacing and horribly scorched the fabric. So, I had to run downstairs and quickly stitch up another little kitty (I skipped the border) so I could continue with my floss tag. Inserting the eyelet was another disaster. Because the piece is so tiny, I had to go through the mitred corners, so I was trying to go through double the fabric, plus interfacing on both sides and a layer of batting in between. Despite the fact that I learned from Karen V.’s experience not to use papercraft eyelets, my fabric eyelets still didn’t cut it to get through all of that. So, I ended up with a hole through the whole wad, with no eyelet to get through it all. I took it apart, put an eyelet through each side, sewed it back together and then put a ring through the two eyelets. Not optimal, but it worked. Hopefully, my next attempt will be better. Because it will be bigger. 🙂

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