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23 Hours and Counting!

  • Posted on February 28, 2007 at 12:26 am

Ugh, that just made my stomach do a flip-flop. 😆

Still much work to be done, though. All of the products have been weighed and the inventory will finally be loaded onto the website tomorrow. Once that’s done, I will have to put in descriptions, upload photos, scan products where no photos are available… Did I mention I’m taking a vacation day tomorrow? Yeah, it just had to be done, for the sake of my sanity. I think I’m on my second or third wind for today, having stopped moving at one point tonight long enough to eat dinner and realize how dead tired I was. But the work, and the grand opening, wait for no one!

Time to drop into bed for a couple of hours, because the next 48 or more are going to be really busy and exciting. 😀

Guess My ONS Name Game – BIG HINT!

  • Posted on February 23, 2007 at 12:01 am

I guess this was harder than I thought it would be. Here I was worried about multiple people guessing correctly.

Let me give all of you out there a BIG HINT. The letter S in O S L Needlework Supplies stands for Star’s.

So, the ONS name is going to be O…. Star’s L…. Needlework Supplies.

I’ll reset the count for anyone who has already guessed. You can make a maximum of 3 guesses and all guesses must be timestamped before the end of the day on February 28th. I advise that you make your guesses privately via email (jenna (at) magees (dot) net) so that others don’t steal your guesses or build upon them. 😉

The winner will be chosen on grand opening day, March 1st.

Rough Night

  • Posted on February 22, 2007 at 12:03 pm

Well, last night’s session with Dr. Steve was the most eventful one I’ve had in a while. It was tough. VERY tough. In the course of somewhat casual conversation about what’s going on in my life, we stumbled upon a HUGE issue. Just when I think I’ve run out of issues to work through, something else rears its ugly head. And this one’s a doozy. I haven’t cried that hard and fairly uncontrollably (the tears continued to stream down my face for a good portion of the ride home and are threatening just writing this post) since I first started with the psychologist at work and cried for 3 hours straight. This wasn’t quite that bad, of course. That first visit opened up floodgates that I had kept closed with straps of iron for a long time. However, finding another deep-seeded nugget that needs to be worked through was painful. I’ve been feeling better recently, so it really caught me by surprise.

We were talking about an impending visit to Salt Lake City that Terry and I will be making the third week of March (hopefully my ONS customers will understand). It’s a work thing, so that Terry can not only attend a business conference, but present two sessions, as well. It turns out that he and his colleague are on the forefront of what’s being done with some of this technology, so they have been asked to speak at the conference. So, I was saying that I had a little bit of anxiety about the trip because I was afraid of being bored, etc. Well, sharp and extremely observant guy that he is, Dr. Steve saw a hint of something more underlying my comments that I didn’t even realize was lurking there. He skillfully brought the conversation back around to the trip and why I was nervous about it and WHAM! Instant tear production. We know he’s hit on something when that happens.

What he ends up wheedling out of me is that I am desperately afraid of being alone. Not just for the week while Terry’s in the conference (I am not attending, but will stay in the hotel), but in my life in general. I have unnaturally terrible anxiety about the prospect of losing Terry (death, divorce or whatever) and that extends to Phoebe, as well. I mean, we’re talking going over and over detailed plans in my head of what I would do if I didn’t have Terry in my life. And not sleeping well because I’m paying attention to the dog’s breathing. Etc.

This fear is one of those things that I had come to accept about myself as simply being a part of who I am. It wasn’t until we touched on it last night that I realized that it is not normal. Unfortunately, it came up close to the end of our session, so Dr. Steve walked me through some cognitive therapy exercises to get me calmed down so that I could leave. It’s funny how he has to remind me to breathe when I’m having a crying jag. If you think of it, next time you have a particularly emotional spell, see if you’re breathing. You might be surprised at how effective that can be, if you can manage it.

Anyway, that will be a topic for future discussion. In the meantime, the result of last night’s session is that I feel emotionally and physically exhausted. I ache, my eyes are still swollen and I just seriously do not want to be here at work right now. If I didn’t have an orthodontist appointment this evening that’s a lot close to work than to my house, I would take a half day vacation and skip out of here after lunch. I still need to tough it out another 4 hours, though, despite my complete lack of focus or desire to do anything but sleep for a little while.

As I told Dr. Steve as I was leaving, it’s hard work, but I know I’m working hard when I come out of a session with my face all red and splotchy. 😆

Confession Time

  • Posted on February 22, 2007 at 8:40 am

You know what? This 50 Project Challenge thing isn’t working out so well for me. Just when I was finally starting to get some traction, I fell off the wagon again. Granted, I haven’t bought anything since before Christmas, I think, but still… I broke down and ordered a total of 3 different things.

First up was Heart’s Delight, the current limited edition kit from The Victoria Sampler. In her newsletter this month, Thea said that she was getting low on stock for these, so that was my signal to either buy it or let it go (potentially forever). I bought it. It arrived yesterday.

Then I got the latest newsletter from Just Nan, along with lovely full color photos in the mail from Drema. Are you seeing a pattern here? I think I should unsubscribe from these newsletters! Of course, I didn’t sign up for the snail mail information from Drema. She knows a sucker when she emails one, apparently! Anyway, I placed an order with her for the limited edition Cherub Garden Whimzi from Just Nan, along with a preorder for her majesty, Lady Scarlet’s Secret Garden that will be released mid-March. Come on, how could I possibly resist?

At least I’m not in the negative numbers on my challenge… yet. I ordered some extras of The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio charts for myself from the Nashville releases that I really liked. We’ll see how my willpower holds up or if I’ll end up adding another 2 exemptions to the list.


  • Posted on February 21, 2007 at 10:08 am

Guess what was waiting for me when I arrived home last night? My order from Dinky-Dyes! WOOHOO! That includes the nearly the entire line of designs from The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio. And the really exciting part of that is… because I placed a pre-order for the Nashville releases, my order was pulled from stock before the market opened. With the terrible shipping mishap that occurred, a lot of shops that went to Nashville didn’t get some of the new designs…

but I DID!

(She says as she hops up and down like a little kid.) I’m so excited to be one of a select few retailers who actually has these goodies in hand. I will tell you, though, it’s getting harder and harder to keep my paws off of the product. I was having so much fun entering the Dinky Dyes silks into inventory last night. They are gorgeous in color and texture. I could have just rolled in them. Hence the title for this post – yummy!

Next Thursday is the day that you’ll be able to get your hands on some of these goodies, as well. I’m so excited. Are you?

SAL Progress for the Week

  • Posted on February 18, 2007 at 9:37 pm

I started on Alma Lynne’s Computer Wizard with Chiara and Zohrah on Wednesday night. I didn’t get a whole lot done due to the appearance of some serious frogs (more like brain fog). I started her hair, did half of the back of her chair and the seatcushion.

I also worked on Barnabee’s Quest again. I have to admit to cheating, though. After seeing the progress that Carol and Leslie made, I spent some time on this one on Saturday, in addition to Friday’s session. I then looked at Michelle’s and Andrea’s progress and they are going at a more leisurely pace, so I plan on slowing down some. Especially since Michelle and I will be moving on to SAL on Lady Scarlet’s Journey after we are done with Barnabee.

I also spent the weekend reworking my current store inventory and then importing it into my new accounting software package, Microsoft Office Accounting 2007. Yes, believe it or not, Microsoft had the winner. And that’s difficult for me to say, trust me, but they earned it. I’m now not only caught up to where I was in QuickBooks, but I’m completely caught up with purchase orders, item receipts and bills for all of the products that I currently have in stock.

I still have a big order coming from Dinky Dyes that should hopefully arrive this week, plus an order I mailed to The Gentle Art a week or two ago. I honestly have no idea when that one will come in. Regardless, it’s nearly time for take off and I think that I might be ready. Except for designing the graphics for the e-storefront. Whoops! I knew I was procrastinating about something. 😉

ONS Name Game HINT

  • Posted on February 16, 2007 at 4:10 pm

The O* S* L* part of the name that you are guessing has absolutely nothing to do with stitching. 😉

Carry on.

One Flew Into the Cuckoo’s Nest

  • Posted on February 15, 2007 at 1:18 pm

At least that’s how I felt last night at 1 AM as I was installing the trial version of the 3rd accounting software package that night. You see, QuickBooks has failed me. In a very BIG way. Thankfully, they have a 60-day guarantee, so I will be sending it back. Too bad I have at least 500 items entered into inventory already.

The snag came after I had finished entering all of the Dragon Floss items yesterday and was ready to do the accounting part of creating a purchase order, receiving the items into inventory, etc. That’s when I figured out that QuickBooks doesn’t handle multiple currencies. ARGGGGHHHHHH! *%&#@!#@^%$#*&@!*&%!!!!! Yes, all of my hard work over the past couple of weeks, setting up accounts, figuring out how the software worked and entering inventory is down the tubes.

So, last night, I started the search for a new accounting package. I downloaded PeachTree. Installed it. Tested it. WRONG! I went looking some more. I downloaded Simply Accounting. Installed it. Tested it. WRONG! Then, with Terry’s help, I downloaded Microsoft’s Office Accounting Professional 2007. After 1 AM, the trial has finally finished installing and I go to try to do the QuickBooks conversion. ERROR. I try it again. ERROR. I try something different. ERROR. Terry finally took over and never did get it to work, but he did confirm that you can assign a currency to a vendor. WOOHOO! Victory, at last.

So, I still have some testing to do, but with 2 weeks left until the grand opening, I have very little time to order a new software package, get it in, install it, configure it, setup the company file, create multiple vendors, try to import my inventory items, then recreate all of the purchase orders, invoices, bills, accounts, etc.

Just what I needed. More work. 😉


Guess My ONS Name Contest

  • Posted on February 14, 2007 at 12:01 am

Sparked by the comment Coral left to yesterday’s post, I have decided to have a contest to see who can accurately guess the name of my ONS. Here are the rules:

  • The contest will open immediately and will run for 2 weeks, closing on February 28th.
  • You may make up to 3 guesses. Please email your guess(es) to me at jenna (at) magees (dot) net.
  • Anyone can enter (except for the few people who already know the name, of course), only one person will win. In the event that multiple people guess correctly, the winner will be chosen at random.

Remember, the name of the store is O* S* L* Needlework Supplies (no, the number of * used is not an indication of the number of letters in the words).

The winner will receive a small stash package consisting of a chart from a new designer, plus 3 fibers specifically chosen by the designer.

Today’s Mantra is…

  • Posted on February 12, 2007 at 6:21 pm

“The stash is for the customers!” As I was entering into inventory the items that arrived from Wichelt Imports last week and looking through the order of Dragon Floss that came in today, I found myself having to repeatedly say this mantra. It’s not easy to sort through all of these lovely threads and charts without nipping a few for myself. But no, I won’t allow it. In fact, I’m going to charge myself full retail price in order to reduce temptation.

Just 17 days left until the Grand Opening!

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