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It’s Been a GREAT Day!

  • Posted on November 17, 2006 at 11:25 pm

It didn’t start off so well, since I woke up a little after 7 AM and started having major anxiety problems. I would try to breathe through it and get back to sleep, but wake up again a little while later in a panic. All this because we had a guy coming at 9:30 this morning to install the programmable thermostat that we ordered for our new geothermal system and I was afraid that one of us wouldn’t be showered, dressed and ready to answer the door when he arrived. So, I continued to freak out until the guy arrived and left. Then I got out of bed, showered and prepared to face my day, armed with a dose of anti-anxiety medication that calmed me down.

We then prepared to take Terry’s Explorer to be inspected. It’s been in the garage for nearly a year without being run and even though the truck started last week for Terry, it wouldn’t this morning, so he had to charge it for a little while before he could get it started. We actually managed to make great time to the dealership and were only 10 minutes late for our appointment. Not that it mattered because it didn’t pass inspection and required immediate repairs to the ball joints first. We sat in their waiting area for over 3 and a half hours. It’s a good thing that I brought some stitching with me!

After that long wait, we were starving, so we went through the McDonald’s drive-thru for a burger and a drink on the road while we drove to our next destination – a home improvement store. We didn’t find exactly what we wanted there, but I did manage to get some flower bulb gifts for the ladies in my family for Christmas, birdseed and suet for the local birds, 10 more sections of fence for the property line and a little ball of evergreen decoration with purple trim to hang on the front porch.

From there, we went to the inexpensive furniture store and bought a nightstand and dresser for the spare bedroom. They will be delivered on November 29th. Once we have them in the room, I may go back and buy a matching desk and chair, but we want to make sure that everything will fit in the room first. Terry originally thought that the set looked too girly, but it turns out that it’s just the drawer pulls that make the furniture look too feminine. No problem, we can switch those out. 🙂

Then we stopped at a UPS Store location to ship back the tankless water heater that Terry had ordered with the wrong fittings. That’s been waiting for weeks until we found the time to get the truck inspected because the box would have been difficult to handle in the car. We visited the nearby home improvement store, picked up paintbrushes and trim to be able to finish the library/reading room before the bookcase is delivered. This is our Thanksgiving project this year.

After that, we went to ACMoore because I needed more bracelet supplies for the Mary bracelets that are starting to catch on. Of course, I couldn’t come out of there without some extras and I even managed to figure out what at least one of my PIF gifts is going to be and purchased the necessary supplies. In addition, on the way out, I found the PERFECT Christmas gift for Mary – an electric scent tart burner in ivory with gold accents and angels detailed in open, lacey cutwork. Gorgeous!

Now, we’re in the home stretch. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some Chinese and a few little things, which turned into half a cartful of items. 🙂 Oh wait, there was one last stop. A recent package containing a DVD organizer was, for some strange reason, delivered to our neighbors two doors down on Wednesday morning, so we stopped in to pick up that package.

By the time we reached home, I don’t think we could honestly pack anything else into the truck! We unpacked everything and then I went onto the front porch and grabbed the little package that had been dropped off by FedEx earlier in the day. That’s right, my phone was delivered! I won’t get to play with it until tomorrow, though, because it has to charge first before I activate it.

I’ve now eaten, put together the DVD organizer and filled it with the last few DVDs and all of the video games that were sitting in piles on the living room floor. And now Terry and I are both crashing and about ready for bed.

I had the most wonderful feeling in the car on the ride home, though. Peace, contentment and happiness. Simple happiness. I just feel like I’ve had such a wonderful day. We accomplished so much and I managed to not only drag myself out of the house on a day off, but to spend 10 hours running around and doing meaningful errands. It’s been very fulfilling for me. I’m finally feeling like myself for the first time in a year! I hope that the feels stays, but even if it doesn’t, at least my brain has been reminded of what it feels like to be me. 🙂

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