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Buying Excitement!

  • Posted on November 16, 2006 at 10:29 am

I spent some money yesterday and I’m very excited about it. 😀

First, I finally broke down and ordered a new cell phone. My current one is 4+ years old and doesn’t hold much of a charge at all anymore. To the point where I’m afraid to make any sort of important call unless it’s fresh off of the charger. Which has led me to use my mobile less and less over the past few years. So, I’ve made up my mind to use it more once I’ve gotten a new one.

I’m switching cellular service companies, from Sprint to Cingular, so I get good offers on phones. I knew that I wanted a Motorola Razr because it’s so nice and tiny and I have a thing for flip phones, but none of the existing colors quite spoke to me. Until I went to Cingular’s website yesterday and found this – the Motorola RAZR V3r in Fire Red. WOOT! It is scheduled for delivery tomorrow evening. I can’t wait and have been in a tizzy since I placed the order yesterday afternoon.

I was waiting for the Product Red version of the Razr to be released because you all know that I’m still not a huge pink fan, the blue version was kinda “eh,” I didn’t want black and my current one was silver, plus I wanted something less common. While the Product Red phones are definitely for a good cause (to help eliminate AIDS in Africa), once I’ve made my mind up about something, I’m not very good about waiting and I decided to get a new phone months ago and have really been wanting one for weeks. So, add being tired of waiting for the Product Red Razr to the appearance of the new Fire Red Razr at Cingular and you have a sale and a very excited me. 🙂

After that, I called and paid the invoice on our new geothermal heating and cooling system that was installed two weeks ago. That was a big number to have to pay, the most we’ve spent on anything since we bought the house. Except for cars, but you expect to pay a lot with those and you’re not paying it all at once, so it’s not as much of a shock.

Then, after my appointment with Dr. Steve (I’ll leave that update for tomorrow, I think), we went and looked at bedroom furniture. I had found the Villa Soleil collection at Thomasville online and was quite taken with it. It has a Tuscan feel without being too grand and overbearing for our 17′ x 17′ bedroom. And it was the first time that I saw a bedroom collection that I truly liked. We looked at the armoire, dresser with tri-view mirror, poster bed, semainier and two accent tables to serve as nightstands because their nightstands are too tall and would partially obscure the windows in our bedroom. A salesperson worked up the figures and gave us a price tag that I nearly choked on. We’re still mulling over the purchase. The price was high, but in the numerous stores we’ve looked at, both in person and online, it’s the only set that we’ve really liked, the quality is very high and it will probably be the only bedroom set we ever buy. Plus, our bedroom is the only bedroom that we’ll furnish with really high quality stuff. If we furnish the spare bedroom with anything more than the miscellaneous bits and pieces that it has now, it will be with lower end furniture, since the room is barely used. I think we’re sold, but it’s a purchase that we definitely want to sit on for a few more days to make sure it’s the right decision for us. Have I mentioned that we’ve never really purchased furniture before?

After we returned home, I was showing Terry the bookcase that I found online that’s perfect for our little library. I had shown it to him before, but since there’s no easy way to see it in person, he was a bit hesitant. Until I looked last night and saw that their free shipping offer (which includes delivery and setup) ended this week. I’ve never seen anything like it before and finding bookcases with full doors turned out to be quite a challenge in the first place, much less with these fantastic sliding doors. I placed the order last night and it should hopefully be delivered before the end of the year. That purchase knocks an item off of my 101 Things list.

And now I’m on a rampage, having just found an inexpensive set for the spare bedroom. I could furnish the rest of the house in one fell swoop! Hmmm… that thought actually has quite an appeal to it. Now to sell it to Terry. 😉

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