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I Broke the Pump!

  • Posted on February 25, 2006 at 3:16 pm

Okay, so it turns out it really wasn’t my fault, but I just about died last night when I was changing the fullness of my air chamber in the bed last night and I heard this awful, loud SNAP! Needless to say, after that, the pump system no longer worked. For either side. D’oh!

Terry ripped the pump unit out of the bed this morning, brought it downstairs and proclaimed, “It’s not sounding too good” as he shakes the pump unit and we hear this rattling of miscellaneous broken parts inside. Double d’oh! He unscrews it, pulls the fan section apart and finds that all 7 of the fan blades have indeed snapped off, one into two separate pieces, even. Now, honestly, if you’re going to put a 20 year warranty on a bed (we have the Nautilus Sleep System), who in their right mind would make the fan blades out of plastic? I mean, really… duh!

So, at this point, we seemingly have several options:

  1. Say “screw it” and dump the old bed, sleeping in the spare bedroom until we get a new bed.
  2. Say “screw it” and rip the now deflated and defective mattress off of our bed and put the smaller (full size) inflatable mattress onto our foundation until we get a new bed.
  3. Glue the fan blades back onto the motor and cross our fingers that they stay intact long enough to reinflate the bed so that we can sleep on it long enough to get a new bed. (P.S. Saying “screw it” is implied.)
  4. Follow above scenario and call customer service to get the pump unit replaced.
  5. Say “to heck with it” and sleep on the floor. No new bed required.

Obviously, the last scenario is not actually going to happen. ๐Ÿ˜† In the interest of saving money, we start with scenario number 4. We go out their website (notice that their domain name is “” – we aren’t conceited or anything, are we – and find this lovely message. “We’re sorry, but the Nautilusฎ FitRest™ and Nautilusฎ Sleep Systems Mattress Series are no longer available for sale online. ” Uh-huh. Reading between the lines, I’m figuring that they are no longer selling the Nautilus Sleep Systems at all. And I might be correct. I call the lovely 800 number listed to speak with one of their “friendly, helpful and world class (according to their phone menu) customer service representatives and sit on hold for 20 minutes. At this point, we figure that there actually isn’t anyone answering the phones because it’s a weekend and they didn’t bother to have a message to that effect, so we leave a message for them to call us back. The aforementioned 20 year warranty will hopefully cover the pump, provided we can get in touch with customer service. I remain optimistic because we got good service from them before (though that was early on and we’ve had the bed for more than 5 years now). So, the plan for now is to hope that the fan holds long enough … oh, wait, Terry just plugged it in and fan blade pieces immediately flew EVERYWHERE!

So, we’ll be sleeping in another bed for a little while until we either get the fan replaced or another bed ordered. We’re probably looking at a couple of weeks. I’m not sure I like the spare bedroom enough to live in there for two weeks, so I think we’ll be putting the air mattress onto our frame. If all else fails, I’ll go out and buy a queen sized air mattress for $100 until we find a solution. A new Select Comfort mattress is going to cost us $2500, so I’m hoping not to have to buy one. I’d be a little irritated if we have to spend our tax refund on a new bed instead of bedroom furniture. ๐Ÿ˜•

In other news, I gave myself a serious attitude adjustment last night. Terry was working really late (good thing I opted to work from home yesterday, for that exact reason) and I was bored out of my mind. I was tired of working on my laptop and tired of watching TV, so I turned on the Playstation 2 and did a workout to DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for 35 minutes or so. Still bored, I went upstairs, washed up and decided to take Terry’s truck and go out to the grocery store. At 9 PM, the grocery store is a fairly empty place, which was nice. I even went and had some prescriptions filled at the nearby CVS while I was at it. I returned home, sliced up the bread I had baked in the machine earlier (which created a really tiny, dense loaf of sourdough because the yeast apparently failed) and made some soup. Terry turned up around 10 PM. I was really pretty mad, but here’s where the attitude adjustment came into play. I figured I could lay into him as soon as he walked in the door about being so late, not giving me any updates, etc. And I could be mad the rest of the night and go to bed mad, making us both miserable. OR … I could be happy to see him, feed him and pamper him after a long day at work. There’s a huge chasm of difference between the two. One does neither one of us any good and the other embraces a loving attitude that helps us both. Guess which one I chose? ๐Ÿ˜€ And I am much happier for having made the right choice. I was able to treat him well and still express my displeasure over specific points that he could have controlled (i.e. the not calling me and letting me know how things were going from time to time) in a rational manner. I feel really good about how I handled it, considering how badly I could have easily let the situation become. Yay me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Did I Really Break a Toe?

  • Posted on February 25, 2006 at 11:22 am

According to Terry, no. But the first knuckle on my left middle toe is decidedly purple and gives me a jolt of pain every time I bend it. Guess what? Just in walking, you flex that knuckle, so I did a lot of dragging my foot (literally) across the floor last night so that I wouldn’t pick up my foot and hurt myself. Terry taped the toe to a nearby buddy last night, which helped, but even having the bed covers on my feet made the toes bend. Ow! ๐Ÿ˜†

I am such a serious clutz. I swear. I have to make sure that every area I walk in is clear or I will run into something, even if I already know it’s there. I am forever stubbing my poor toes on everything in sight! Of course, it doesn’t help that I have very long toes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday’s culprit was the box with the new 80-hour Tivo that just arrived via FedEx yesterday afternoon. BTW, for the record, I know it’s technicially spelled TiVo, but honestly I’m too lazy to capitalize the v. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, yes, that will be Terry’s toy to play with this weekend. I already renamed the one we currently have downstairs from “downstairs” to “master bedroom” as that is where it’s final destination will be. It’s only a 40-hour unit and the new one is an 80-hour unit. YAY! I don’t have to track my recordings so closely now. I’m always trying to clean it off and let me tell you, last weekend’s preview weekend on Starz when I recorded all of those movies was a complex little dance of knowing how many movies I was going to record and copying them off to Terry’s laptop as they were recorded so that we could clear them off and make enough room to record everything I wanted. We didn’t even watch half of what we recorded! They’ll probably get burned off to DVD and watched at some later date. We’ve decided that my older iMac, which no longer gets any use as it was a failed experiment in trying to switch platforms, will become the ultimate repository of all of the movies. And it has a superdrive so I can burn them to CD. That makes me feel a little better about that lovely little machine. It truly is a wonderful piece of hardware and OS X isn’t bad, I just couldn’t afford to buy new versions of my graphics and web design software to run on the iMac. *sigh* So there sits the ultimate graphics machine which most professional graphics designers seem to use and I can’t afford to make it worth the $1500 I paid for it a few years ago. It’s just such a crying shame. I would really like to rectify that someday, but by the time I do, the hardware will be out of date. Oh wait, it already is! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wow, my posts have been so negative lately. I’m really sorry about that. Unfortunately, my mood has been all over the map lately. After my really long cry the other week after my first psycholoogist visit, I felt really good. I actually felt happy and relaxed for a week or so, with no headaches, able to tackle work will little to no stress. It was WONDERFUL! If that’s what normal people feel like, then I definitely want to be normal! ๐Ÿ˜€ This week, however, has been a different story. After having that tanatalizing peek at what my life could feel like, I’m back to the normal, high anxiety, high stress me. I honestly wish I knew how to get back to that happy person because it felt SO good! If anyone happens to know that magical formula, I hope that you’ll be willing to share it with me…

You know what, though? This week will be another week and another chance to try to be relaxed. It’s a beautiful day outside, with gorgeous blue skies and lovely sunshine. The nights have been spectacularly clear this week. Everytime I went out at night, I would just stare up at all of the wonderful stars in the sky that were shining so clearly and so brightly. If the ground weren’t so cold, I could have thrown myself back onto the grass and stared at the sky for hours! So beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

OK, I’m off to actually do some stitching now, since I haven’t managed to do any in what, a week?

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