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Late Nights and Early Morning

  • Posted on February 21, 2006 at 7:16 pm

I am patiently (insert giggle here, if you find it appropriate) waiting for Terry to finish up his work. He is embroiled in a complex project right now and they are preparing to go live for Phase 1 of the project within the next few weeks. As a result, he huddles with his team in a small room all day, working studiously on their laptops with not much conversation and very few breaks (I don’t know that he has eaten anything today and it is 6 PM). Since they are right down the hall, I hear the occasional “woohoo!” as I just heard a minute ago, which is a good sign that they have gotten another piece of the puzzle working. Unfortunately, there is no time period to how long they will work any given night. You’d think I’d have learned to drive separate vehicles by now?? But no… so I sit here and catch up on your blogs because I have since lost the desire to continue with work after a particularly phrenetic day of my own. Last night we didn’t get home until after 8 PM, and that was with no stops on the way home except to pick up a pizza for which Terry had called ahead.

Tonight promises to not be much better, as we really need to go to Walmart. Which means that there will probably be no stitching for me tonight… AGAIN. *sigh* Nope. There’s the Walmart run, then dinner, then laundry, then crashing in front of the TV. I desperately need exercise because I’m starting to develop some very undesirable fat rolls around my midsection. Ugh. And my personal to do list just grows longer and longer, with little time to actually work on anything on it or do the stitching that I desperately need to relax. I’m wound up like a top that’s just itching to spin around until it crashes into a wall and explodes into a million pieces. ROFL.

Tomorrow morning, we have to get up earlier than normal to have the car into the dealership’s service department at 8:00 AM. No worries, it’s just to get some additional accessories installed that weren’t available when we first drove the car off the lot. We’ll pick it up at 5:30 PM, which means we HAVE to leave on time tomorrow night. YES! 😀 And I’ll drive home my silver bullet baby with new fog lights, bass speakers and compass auto day/night rearview mirror installed. Yay!

I have now received the signal that Terry’s ready to go. Though I still hear them in there babbling like a small group of turkeys. Hmmm… Terry’s allergic to turkey. LOL.

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