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Wherefore Art Thou, Unkymoods?

  • Posted on August 15, 2005 at 1:46 pm

I have not been feeling much for the past several days, at least not that anyone reading this would know. I feel so lost without my friendly little UnkyMoods! *sniff sniff* *sob*

UnkyMoods, UnkyMoods, wherefore are thou, UnkyMoods?
I miss you, I love you, please let your website come back up soon.

Seriously, though, I have heard that he’s had problems before with the site, including last month, so I wonder what’s happening. It is a free service after all, but having it go offline for a while with no suitable replacement makes me want to donate some serious cash to keep the project alive! I feel for the man – his web hosting costs must be through the roof with the kind of bandwidth I imagine his site sucks up. 🙁

I was browsing around and read someone complaining about how his measly 100+ moods were not enough to allow this person to fully and properly express themselves. Hey, that’s fine, you don’t like it, don’t use it. Or better yet, I’d like to see you try and illustrate every possible mood that you can have on any given day. 😛 Yeah… that’s what I thought. I can only wish that I was half the artist/cartoonist that guy is!

I wonder if we can start a “Please Bring UnkyMoods Back” fund-raising effort?

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