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Snowy Monday

  • Posted on February 28, 2005 at 2:45 pm

Every time I look out the window, it seems that the snow has taken on a different consistency. Right now, the flakes are big and fluffy again. They’ve been hyping this storm for days, but the truth is that no one has a clue how much snow is coming. Hopefully, this time they can report the right amounts that are on the ground. The storm before last had one of the area meteorologists reporting live on the news that there was going to be able 1/2 inch of snow total when I could clearly look out my window and see more than 4 times that much already on the ground. 😛 I mean, come on, how much does it take to a least take a peek out of a window before you go live and make yourself look like a fool?

Anyway, I’m so distracted that I can’t seem to focus on much of anything today. Little tasks are great because I can actually concentrate for just long enough to finish them and then I’m stuck again. There aren’t many people here, of course. And I don’t want to go looking for work because I’m afraid that once I kick back into high gear, I’ll find 101 things that need my attention. And I’d rather not load my plate with 100 more things just because I can’t focus long enough to figure out what I need to do right now.

But, hey, I’ve gotten enough done that I don’t feel like a total waste of space. Just a little bit of one. And I haven’t sunk to the level of playing games at work. I just keep looking out the window to see if the snow is sticking to the roadways yet so I have an excuse to go home early. At least I could read a leadership book from home and feel like I was actually accomplishing something. I just knew I should have brought that book with me today! The funny thing is that is exactly why my dad said he sent the book to me instead of waiting until they come down in a couple of weeks. He included a note about reading on a snowy day… how prophetic. Maybe I’ll still go home a little early and spend some time in the reading room, watching the snow fall and reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

Hard on the Eyes

  • Posted on February 27, 2005 at 5:47 pm

I have not been very kind to my eyes this weekend, I have to admit. I spent hours creating buttons last night for a client’s website. And I stitched a lot, as well. Then, this morning I stitched some more, had a seriously weepy period of several hours where my eyes insisted on leaking moisture uncontrollably, then I went upstairs and fried my poor eyeballs on the computer screen. No more moisture leaks (perhaps due to the searing brightness of the monitor?), but my eyes are horribly dried out now.

However, I did make a major personal accomplishment today. I found several years worth of Phoebe pictures, cropped them for the web and loaded them into 4 albums (3 new; 1 previously empty) in my gallery. Phoebe 2005, 2004 and 2003 are the newest ones, while And Beyond… has been populated with the time in between the new albums and the Eight Months Old album. Then I went through and tried to caption all of new photos, plus I went back into the older albums and moved the comments I had made into the captions for each photo (apparently I hadn’t figured out how to do this when I first posted these).

I also posted an updated photo of the Heirloom Memories Sampler that I was working on this week, of which I had not yet taken a photo.

Well, did I mention that my eyes are fried? Like eggs over easy. So now I’m going to go take it easy.

Where Did The Week Go?

  • Posted on February 26, 2005 at 8:00 pm

Darn, it looks like I’m off the ball again with my blog postings. What can I say, life isn’t always interesting. 🙂 We had some lovely snow Thursday and Friday. The tree guys were supposed to show early Friday morning and we hadn’t received a call saying they weren’t coming due to the snow, so we went out at 7 AM and I shoveled the sideway and in front of the garage while Terry ran the snowblower down the driveway. Of course… no tree guys. Not that I’m surprised in the least, but they could have at least called. So, Friday became a vacation day for nothing but sleeping. Snowy, calm and picturesque make for great sleep! We both conked out for several hours after checking in and doing some work from home in the morning.

I successfully built some more web graphics (okay, one banner) the other night, over several hours. I always think stuff turns out so-so, but I am my own worst critic. We’ll see how the customer likes it and that’s what really counts. More to do tonight for our own site. Terry has been working at adding account management self-service functionality thanks to the Novell licenses that we’ve recently purchased and so additional back-end coding. Now we just need some more banners and buttons, so the graphics queen must again don her crown and royal vestments this weekend.

Work, Work and More Work!

  • Posted on February 24, 2005 at 11:15 pm

I get up and go to work, I come home and do more work. What a vicious cycle we humans find ourselves in sometimes. 🙂

As long as I can manage to get enough sleep and keep the headaches to a dull roar, I’ll be okay. It’s nice to have some web work again, but the graphics design is hard on my eyes and on my wrists. Plus, I’ve been chained to my computer since dinner and I’m hungry again now! It’s the nearly midnight munchies.

I actually had a productive last night, too, just not in any work arena. Came home with a headache, so we ate dinner then I took a bit of a nap. When I woke up, I did some stitching on the Heirloom Memories sampler. Then I plugged in DDR and exercised for over an hour. Whew! It’s not funny how much of a sweat you can work up – really amazing! Then, to cool down, I sat and plugged away some more at Heirloom Memories.

All in all, I’m doing pretty well. But I have a headache right now (the new kind, but I won’t get into that right now) and I’m hungry, so… hasta la vista!

Whew! What a Monday Morning!

  • Posted on February 21, 2005 at 7:18 pm

Happy Monday!

Haha… it started off with a bang for us. I was getting my shower and the drain started to back up. It was at my ankles when I got out. So, I put on
gloves, got out a plastic garbage bag and the modified hanger for getting hair out of the drain, had Terry unscrew the drain cover and … nothing. There was nothing there to clean!

So, Terry tried plunging it. Nope. Nothing. But the plunging had forced stuff up into the bathtub, so we now knew that the clog must be pretty far down (probably on the other side of the P-trap). More plunging gets us nowhere. We now have standing water with buildup from the pipes laying in it. Yuck!

Next try, Liquid Plumber gel clog remover. Supposed to work in 15 minutes. Hah! 🙂 Terry went into the other bathroom to take a shower, but had fits there, as well, because we had added a little sprayer head with hose to be able to give Phoebe a bath on Saturday and the fitting wasn’t tight, so it was leaking, but he couldn’t get it apart easily so he had to go into the basement for a pipe wrench. How ironic is that? Not fitting tightly enough to keep it from leaking, but not fitting loosely enough for him to unscrew it with his bare hands. Needless to say, Terry was quite grumpy by this point.

Then, we’re both back in our bathroom drying our hair and finishing getting ready when all of a sudden we hear this “gloop” sound and all the drains magically clear (and the vaccuum sucked the water out of the toilet *laugh*). So, I guess that drain opener gel is some pretty good stuff. Then I was able to clean the yuckiness out of the shower and bathtub and we’re back to normal. What a way to kick off the week, though! Whew!

Ornament Finish and Graduation Announcement Framed

  • Posted on February 19, 2005 at 11:12 am

Another one bites the dust… This month’s ornament for the Just Cross Stitch magazine ornament stitch-a-long is done (at least, it’s stitched) and scanned. I even pulled out some fabric that somewhat coordinates with it so that I can finish it as a mini pillow. I’ll try to do that before the end of the month so that I don’t have to worry about it when Christmas time rolls around again.

Also, I framed Ginny’s graduation announcement, but I haven’t taken a picture of it yet. I didn’t do my usual professional job with the framing because the frame isn’t as nice as I once thought, so I didn’t want to lace the piece and everything, just to have to take it apart again and reframe it someday. And hey, if I don’t end up reframing it, it’s not TOO bad. I think I can live with it, but we’ll see if I feel the same in a few days when I’m not feeling quite so overwhelmed with things to do.

Model Stitching Finish and Weekend Plans

  • Posted on February 18, 2005 at 2:21 pm

I got another one of those lovely, mysterious, stitch-me-quick packages in the mail at the end of January. I just finished last night – hallelujah! I’m always happy when I get these turned around relatively quickly; it makes me feel better about the speed of my stitching, despite the fact that it took nearly 14 hours. I scanned it, of course – front and back.

I also started my February ornament for the JCS SAL last night. This was a tough one to substitute threads because they were all overdyed threads, of which I had none. I was not about to spend nearly $20 to stitch one little ornament. No thanks! I’m going to try tweeding (blending two colors of thread) to try and simulate the two main colors in a couple of the combinations; otherwise, I chose what looked to be the most prominent color in the photo and matched it to a DMC floss color. I think it’ll turn out fine. Gratuitous use of expensive threads just kills me. I don’t know why someone hasn’t thought to kit up these stupid ornaments and sell them (the kits). That would be such a great idea. If I had a lot of money and could manage to get an advanced copy of the magazine every year, I might consider it. Hmmm… I wonder… maybe my ONS owner contact would be willing to work with me on it. Or maybe Silkweaver, since they already do the fabric cuts for the ornament? Maybe I’ll write to them…

On tap for this weekend is a gaming night tonight at a friend’s house. Nearly a year ago, we got together and played Diablo II for an entire day. Tonight will be our attempt to finish the game with the same characters we started last year (yes, he kept the files). I’m crossing my fingers that yesterday’s headache stays away.

Then, I have graphic design work to do for a web store. And I have to test the speed of an LCD panel to decide if I want to replace my current CRT monitor or not. And then I should really work up another graphic that a friend asked for before Christmas and I keep forgetting about. Then, maybe, if I’m lucky, I can relax and stitch a bit? I need to get back to working on another model that was on hold for a while.

Comment Spammers Are Trying Again

  • Posted on February 16, 2005 at 10:01 am

[begin tirade]

… and are apparently too stupid to realize that their comments aren’t being posted on my site. I’ve been getting lone attempts every once in a while, but those people seem to understand that they won’t get posted, so they stop after the first one. This one, however, is persistent. Over 2 dozen attempts in the past 24 hours. My comment moderation queue is getting backed up.

After doing some digging, I found that the particular site they’re spamming for is causing problems for other blog owners, as well. In case any spammers happen to be watching, let me just tell the world that I HATE SPAM! I’m responsible for eliminating it for an entire corporation (and am fortunate enough to get very little to my work address) and I get hundreds a day at my personal address. I have to live and breathe this crap and I’m sick of it. The nasty stuff turns my stomach just looking at the subject lines and the rest is a total waste of my previous bandwidth! And, come on, when you think about it, spamming someone’s blog via comments is just dumb. Yeah, I understand that it’s an attempt to get higher rankings on the search engines in hopes of driving more traffic to your website, but seriously, is it worth the potential for fines and/or jail time? You’re skirting the boundaries of legality and impeding people’s right to freely express themselves and for what? The chance of getting bumped up a couple of spots in the rankings before you get shut down again? I hope it pays well because one’s integrity is worth a lot.

Words of Wisdom From a Three-Year Old

  • Posted on February 14, 2005 at 5:19 pm

This is an excerpt taken from the latest Nordic Needle sales letter that arrived this morning. A reader wrote in with some thoughts about getting older. The best was the story she told about her daughter:

My youngest, Elise, gave me a precious gift when I was 40 and she was 3. As you know, “threes” dearly love to comb hair so I let her do mine one morning. Elise stopped combing and remarked “Oh, Mom. You have such beautiful hair.” My nearly black hair was beginning to gray a bit and I felt it was looking a bit “mousey”. Surprised, I asked “Really?! Why do you say that?!” She answered, “It has bits of silver in it and it sparkles when you turn your head.” Seeing myself through the eyes of someone who sincerely loves me as I am gave me a renewed appreciation for the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” That rare moment of insight was one of the golden threads in the tapestry of my life.

There’s nothing better than the simple truth as seen through the eyes of a child.

UFO Progress

  • Posted on February 13, 2005 at 7:34 pm

I thought I was doing well. I picked up a UFO (UnFinished Object) that I starting stitching years ago for our dining room, right after we painted it red. I put in a few hours of work into it yesterday, stitching the entire planter for the bonsai tree in the design. I even scanned it and posted the updated photo into my Works in Progress album.


As I’m putting it away, I look at the cover photo and realize that my bonsai planter is not lined up correctly against the printed background (AT ALL) in comparison to the model shown. Could it be? Oh yes, it certainly was… all wrong. The instructions (and even the chart) say nothing anywhere at all about how the design is supposed to match up against the printed background on the aida. And trust me, if it wasn’t for that background, I would have ditched the aida and gone with an evenweave. But anyway, as a result, when I started stitching the kit years ago, I started with the fabric upside down. So now, nothing was as it should be in the placement against the printed background. And, if you were to see the finished design, you would realize that yes, it does make a difference; a HUGE difference.

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